Are you game for some funky and bouncy cheers and chants to pep up your players and spectators? Leaf through this write-up for inspiring cheerleading cheers for all occasions.

Cheerleading Cheers

The entire essence of cheerleading lies in the numerous attempts to catch the attention of the crowd and motivate their preferred team. But most people often wonder what role cheerleaders play on the field when it is just the game that attracts spectators to the stadium. Though people visit the ground to enjoy their sport and favorite players, the game would never sound and look enjoyable had there been no cheerleaders. Cheerleaders do not only dress up elegantly and perform various exciting stunts, but keep the audience engaged in the game and set the right mood as well. This is done by screaming out catchy and exuberant cheers and chants on a regular basis to induce energy and hope for the team to give in their best and win. Further, cheerleaders increase the participation of the crowd to motivate their players and encourage them to lead to victory. Listed here are some spirited and enthusiastic cheers and chants that cheerleaders can use to give a break to the supporters from tension and stress. Read on.
Cheers And Chants For Cheerleading
We are mighty!
We are strong!
We're fierce on the field,
We can't be wrong!
When we pass and when we run
We all have fun
Because we're number one.
Go! Fight! Win! (clap)
Stand up and yell!
Go! Fight! Win! Panthers!
Stand up and yell! Go! Fight!
Win Panthers!
Stand up and yell!
Go! Fight! Win!
Great job (player who just scored),
Super well done,
Come on Warriors (team name),
Let's score another one!
Let's go, let's fight, let's win tonight!
Let's go! (clap, clap, clap)
Let's fight! (clap, clap, clap)
Let's win (clap, clap, clap)
Let's go, let's fight, let's win tonight
Let's go!
We're here to cheer our winning team,
Come on, everybody scream!
Feel the spirit movin' in
Cause tonight we're gonna win!
Say it proud, say it loud, E-H-S!
One more, E-H-S!
Touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, boys.
You make the touchdowns, we make the noise.
A boom, boom (jump and turn to the left).
Hey, a boom, boom (jump and face the back).
Hey, a boom boom (jump and face the right)
Can you feel it?
A boom, boom (face the crowd). Hey!
Stand up,
It's time to shout
Come on fans,
Yell it out
Say it loud
Say it proud
Let's go warriors and stop that ball.
It's not by luck
It's not by chance
We've got the skills
(Emphasize the "s" at the end of the world skills)
We pass the ball
We punt and kick
'Cuz we got the skills
(Emphasize the "s" at the end of the word skills)
We practice hard
We love football
But we win games
'Cuz we go the skills
1,2,3,4 Come on Knights Lets stomp the floor
Stomp the floor stomp stomp the floor
5,6,7,8 Come on Knights Lets Rotate
Rotate Rotate (the 1st time turn half way round 2nd time turn back to normal)
9,10,11,12 Come on knights Stand Up and yell
Go Go Go Go Knights Go Go Go Knights
Everybody up in the stands,
make some noise and clap your hands!
Get up off your seat,
stomp your feet to the beat.
Because (team name) are always hit!
Take it down, Take it down, Take it (clap) down, down
Put it up, Put it up, Put it (clap) up, up
Shoot it in, Shoot it in, Shoot it (clap) in, in
Take it down (stomp, stomp)
Put it up (stomp, stomp)
Shoot it in (stomp, stomp)
Let's WIN!
Come on crowd let's hear it,
Yell for the blue (blue),
Come on crowd show your spirit,
Yell for the silver (silver),
Come on crowd now you feel it,
Yell for the white (white),
Put it all together now,
Yell for the blue, silver, white, (blue, silver, white),
Last time - Blue, silver, white (blue, silver, white)
Give me a B! Give me an E! Give me an S! Give me a T!
What does that spell? Best! Best! Best!
Put us to the test!
We'll beat the rest!
Bust ‘em! beat ‘em
Let’s defeat ‘em!
Go, warriors, go
Slash that v
Dot that i
Curl that c-t-o-r-y
Victory uh huh
Victory oh yeah
These spirited cheerleading cheers and chants can leave the audience enthralled and team motivated, giving a sigh of relief from the tensed game that’s ongoing on the field. Get going and the winning cup will surely be yours!

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