Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and offers many interesting places to see. To know about the tourist attractions and things to do in Casablanca, read on.

Casablanca Attractions

Location: Morocco
Languages: Arabic, Tarifit, Tashelhit, Tamazight,French, Spanish, etc
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year
Time Zone: UTC+0
Driving Side: Right Side
Main Attractions: Port of Casablanca, City Hall, Casablanca Twin Tower, Hasan II Mosque, Lycee Lyautey Casablanca, Casablanca Technopark, etc.
Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Casablanca is situated in western Morocco. The city serves as the capital of Greater Casablanca region. It is quite significant as it is the largest city in the country and a major port as well. Casablanca is one of the largest artificial ports in the world and forms a worth visiting site. The city is even the economic hub of the country, as profound industrial and service sector activity takes places here. It is also the primary naval base for the Royal Moroccan Navy. The city has an age old reputation of being the headquarters of the industrial zone of the nation. Apart from this, the city is rich in intriguing tourist attractions. Check out more on the things to do in Casablanca.
The sightseeing tour around Casablanca will leave you completely enthralled. The city offers a wealth of places to be seen, which have unique appeal and charm. The main attractions in the city include the Port of Casablanca, which is a significant seaport. The City Hall is the primary place for the government of Casablanca. It is a plush building, which boats of splendid architecture. The next is Casablanca Twin Tower, which is basically the commercial hub of the city. It is also an architectural marvel and is equipped with hi-tech technical instruments.
Apart from this, Lycee Lyautey is also a worth-visiting place in Casablanca. It is a famous high school in the city, known for its stunning architectural beauty. The Technopark is another landmark in the city. An IT park, it serves dual purposes of entertainment and education. It is the first industrial park made in Morocco. Besides, the Hassan II Mosque is a not to be missed tourist attraction, as it is the second largest mosque in the world and indeed a beautiful work of art. It is one of the rare mosques opened to non-Muslims in Casablanca.
Shopping Spree!
Your trip to Casablanca will provide you ample opportunity to splurge on shopping and pamper yourself well. For all the shopaholics, the old city is the best place to hang out. It offers wide variety to the customers, in terms of antiques and decorative items. The beautiful beads jewelry sold here is definitely worth collecting. It has a distinct Moroccan essence attached to it. Besides, antique coins and wooden carved show pieces are available in large quantity, which would prove to be an ideal souvenir for your house décor.
Casablanca provides host of entertainment opportunities to the visitors. You can experience the comfy and quality nightlife of the city, as it is dotted with a number of nightclubs, bars, discos, etc. Here, you can enjoy, dance, music & drinks in a congenial environment, giving you ample time to relax. Apart from this, the action lovers can indulge in sports activities like golf, horse riding, etc. Besides, cinema is the major source of entertainment for the native people. You can catch some latest movies in the world class theaters located in Casablanca.
The peaceful lot can move towards the La Corniche Beach, which is about 7 km from the city center. Tourists can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, beach volleyball or beach football (soccer) at this place. There are also a number of food joints, restaurants and resorts lining the beach, where delicious food can be savored. Apart from that, La Corniche Beach even has the facility for both private and public beach. This ensures you have a personal haven to spend time with your loved ones.

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