Planning for a birthday party? Such special occasions truly deserve appealing invitations. So, if you’re searching for birthday party invitation card ideas, we happen to have some interesting ones.

Birthday Invitation Ideas

Abraham Lincoln couldn’t be more right when he said “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Yes, all of us have an option as to whether we wish to grow with every coming year or simply grow old. No matter whether it is the first or fortieth, one is never too old to get excited about birthdays and this special day is worth a grand celebration. Cakes, candles and cone hats, balloons and streamers, all of these form an indispensable part of a birthday party. However, what actually builds the excitement at the first place is a birthday invitation card. Since there are several other expenses involved in hosting a party, it is advisable to keep the budget low, while designing a birthday invitation and be creative. An invitation is not just about informing your guests of the date, time and place of the event. With the help of the invitation card, you can convey the theme of your party and set the mood beforehand. Read on to find out your own invitation card idea that would both fit into your budget and level of creativity.
Birthday Party Invitation Card Ideas
Traditional Invitations
Purchase a bunch of fun and colorful birthday invitation cards from your nearby stationery shop. Fill them up neatly and send them across to all your guests. With the markets filled with stacks of invitation cards, you are bound to find one that would fit almost every theme. So, for those who are falling short of time or creative energy, buying traditional invitation card would be an easy choice.
Computer Print-Out Invitations
With the world going tech savvy, why not bring in the latest into your birthday celebration as well. There are several websites that feature free birthday templates these days. All you need to do is simply fill in the details and get a print out of the same. You can either use colored ink or get black-n-white print-out and have the kids to fill them up with colors of their choice.
Online Invitations
Gone are the days when paper and pen meant business and entertainment. Today, the concept has undergone a major revamp with a click of the mouse filling both the information and entertainment needs of a person. Online invitation has been gaining popularity these days. Free digital invitations with your own pictures, video clips or music attached is in vogue. Technology with a personal touch is its selling-point. So, just get on to your system and send personalized invites to all your friends and relatives.
Homemade Invitations
Want to add that personal touch to each of the invitation cards? Going for homemade invites would be a simple solution to send customized invites. Homemade invites are a great way to announce your party. Cut out pictures printed on card stocks or coloring book page drawings. You can also search the internet for pictures of your favorite character or theme. Decorate them with colored markers, ribbons, glitter or jewels and your birthday invitation card is ready to be posted.
Creative Theme Invitations
  • Print out a large label with the party information. Then stick it to a bottle of bubbles, before giving it to your guests.
  • If your party theme is “detective/spy”, or “scavenger hunts”, write the party information in a secret code. Allow the guests to decode the details themselves.
  • If your party theme is pirate/medieval/tea or princess, write the party information on a piece of parchment paper. Roll it and tie it up with a ribbon before sending out to your guests.
  • If you’re hosting an alien or glow-in-the-dark themed party, augment your invitation card with glow-in-the-dark paints or stickers.
  • You can blow up balloons, write down the party details on them, deflate and send them across to your guests, who, in turn, have to blow the balloons themselves to know the details of the party.
  • You can also make your invitation card resemble a treasure hunt map. After printing information on a sheet of paper, dip it in tea for a few minutes to stain it brown and give it a worn-out look. Once it dries, roll and tie it up with a cord or string.

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