You don’t have to be by the sea-shore to feel the beach. Style your parties, weddings and home the beach way and relax. Read on to grab few tips on beach theme decoration

Beach Theme Decoration

Be it your bedroom, birthday party or bridal shower, a splash of beige and blue can make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. No matter where its location is, a beach theme can instantly turn your home, an event or a venue into an appealing getaway down to the sun-kissed stretches of sand and turtles, seagulls and a gentle whoosh of the big fluffy waves. Be it the pristine cool beaches or the rocky, rugged coastlines, tropical golden beaches fringed with palm trees or a day in Hawaii, a beach theme is for all those who seek fun and adventure as well as a feeling of peace and inspiration at the same time. Here are few ideas to create a laidback and casual seaside landscape.
Ideas For Beach Theme Décor
For Parties
Whether you are hosting a party indoors or out under the winter sun, a beach theme is easy to create. An arrangement of a pool is the best struck deal for a beach themed party for everybody to splash in. Accessories like beach balls, play sand, toys, beach umbrellas, slippers and snorkels, pool goggles, surfboards, posters of tropical sunset, sand castle molds and inflatable palm trees are all that you need to create the magic. While water balloons, pistols and other such squirt toys guarantee fun, helium-inflated balloons jazz up the environs. Beach pails, colorful shell plates and Frisbees can be used to serve food. As for the attire, you can ask all your guests to dress up as if they are heading to a beach. At the time of entering the party place, ensure that you welcome each of the guests with a garland of flower to help them get into the party spirit instantly. 
For Weddings
A beach themed wedding can include accessories like sea shells, pearls, starfish, nets, buoys, rope, life rings, anchors, drift wood and surf or boogie boards. Centrepieces can be made out of a crystal or glass bowl filled with sand, glass marbles or pearls. A candle can be lit inside to enhance the total effect. Tropical flowers can also make for wonderful centerpieces. Torches, long tapers or pillar candles can be lighted in the reception area and sand can be strewn. Caribbean music can be played, while the catering staff can be asked to wear grass skirts or Hawaiian shirts. A conch shell can make for a cake topper while shells and pearls can be used to adorn the cake.
For Bedroom
Colors play a vital role when it comes to bedroom decoration. Choose colors like blues, whites, tan and other neutrals which reflect a seaside landscape. Furnishings for a beach themed room are natural and rustic. Furniture made out of wicker or roughly worn wood can help create a casual look. Striped curtains resembling beach towels is a simple add-on. Fish nets, shells and rope can be glued to mirror and picture frames, lamp bases and chandelier shades. Accessorize with grass mats, coconut shells and small palm trees. A variety of sea shells, starfish, sand dollars and alike can be displayed on window ledges, or bowls and jars filled with sand. Dried flowers and reeds can be kept in vases.
For Bathroom
Just like your bedroom, beach themed décor for your bathroom starts by choosing the right shade. Be it blue for the water or yellow for the sun, tan for the sand or pink for the shells; choose a color that suits your taste as well as the theme. Now, you can stick pictures of your family at the beach or a poster that reflects the theme. Towels with sea horses, starfish or sea shells look great. Soaps placed in shell containers and decorative sea shell baskets can be placed on shelves. Shell night lights can be used for the illumination. Fishing nets embedded with starfish can be hung near the top of the wall to accentuate the look. Flooring can be done with the help of linoleum tiles that have fish, shells or anything related to the beach embedded on them.

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