There is a strong link between anxiety and sweating. Read on to know what exactly is anxiety sweating and what its treatment procedure is.

Anxiety Sweating

Whether anxiety leads to sweating or sweating leads to anxiety is more or less like a chicken and egg problem. While few believe that anxiety or panic attack is itself not a cause of sweating, but is just an aggravating factor, there are others who vouch for the fact that anxiety induces hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. The case may be debatable, but research studies state one solemn fact that excessive anxiety leads to excessive sweating. It has been found that excessive stress and anxiety triggers the brain to produce hormones, which cause sweating. One should not confuse between profuse or excessive sweating and anxiety sweating altogether. While anxiety sweating can become cyclic, the other forms of sweating have no such tendency. For instance, an already anxious person gets instigated to become far more anxious once he begins to sweat. This leads to further anxiety and further sweat, thus becoming a continuous cycle. Besides causing damage to a person’s morale, confidence level and psyche, anxiety sweating can lead to fatigue, dizziness, short breath, and irritability as well as memory problems. So, how do you exactly go on to treat it? Studies have shown that proper treatment, balanced medication coupled with cognitive-behavioral therapy helps to cure anxiety sweating and panic disorders that lead to it. Read on to know more.
Anxiety Sweating Treatment
  • The basic means to reduce anxiety sweating is to minimize the stress altogether. In case your condition is mild, a good way to tackle anxiety sweating is to learn to relax through holistic methods such as meditation. This reduces the stress level naturally, thereby minimizing your nervous tension. Apart from that, it also subsidizes your nervous symptoms, clearing you off anxiety sweating.
  • Seeking psychiatric or professional help is another way to treat anxiety sweating.  If your level of anxiety is no more in the mild stage and has gone up to an extent of being moderate or more, you can find respite by seeking cognitive therapy. This is a viable alternative treatment to cure anxiety and consequently sweating due to it. Your psychiatrist can even suggest you a physical management aspect in the form of medication. Even anxiety disorder medication can serve the purpose.
  • At times when antiperspirants prove to be of no use to a person suffering from excessive sweating due to anxiety, he opts for extreme measures like surgery to get relief.
  • Which part of your body sweats the most when you are anxious? Is it your feet? In order to prevent sweating and hence prevent further anxiety, try to find leather shoes that breathe. The only problem with leather shoes is that they lead to foot odor, but you can easily abate it by sprinkling baby powder.
  • At times when you are not wearing socks, the sweating increases. Although socks make your feet hotter and cause further sweating, they also act as an absorbent material for the extra sweat. In case of women, if wearing socks is limiting your opportunity to wear skirts, try teaming your skirts with boots. So, even your sartorial sense would remain intact along with less sweating.
  • If you are looking for shoes to go with your dress and you also don’t want to sweat more, purchase shoes with absorbent insoles. And go for shoes which have a cloth-lining.

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