American Indian dogs belong to the special category of mix breed found in parts of North America. Read on to know about the Native American Indian dog breed.

American Indian Dogs

Breed Type: Watch dog
American Indian Dog
Weight: 58-67 cm
Height: 25-55 kg
Coat Type: Two layered coat; dense undercoat and long haired overcoat.
The American Indian dog is a mix dog breed of the Chinook, Malamute, German shepherd and the Indian breed. This dog breed is popularly sold in North America. The dog is extremely friendly and is highly protective towards the family. Also known as the Native American Indian dog, it is renowned for its high level of intelligence. At the same time, it is extremely loyal towards its master and quite friendly with other pets, including other dogs. Go through the following lines and explore further details about Native Indian American dog breed.
There are several opinions regarding the origin of the American Indian dog. Some feel that the breeders recreated this type of dog by referring to the pictures and descriptions of their village dogs. According to some, the original native dogs were extinct even before the era of photography came into vogue. They believe that the dog was recreated by crossing wolf dogs. They also consider Native American Indian dog to be a new type of dog produced by one type of breeder. There are others who share the opinion that this breed hails from the almost extinct breed of dogs, which were used to pull travois and other loads in the continent of North America. One thing is for sure: North Americans used this breed of dogs to hunt small animals, like bear, beaver and rabbits.
Native American dog has two varieties, differing in size, hair coat length and coat color combination. Generally, the breed comes in different colors, like silver, black, black and the color of tortoise shell. Its hair coat is dense and short and has two layers. The undercoat is dense and is both water and wind proof in nature. The overcoat is long haired. The dog has a medium-sized body, which has an athletic figure. Native American Indian dog has strong features, which make its appearance highly attractive. It has a graceful tail, which hangs low with a slight curve, like that of the Siberian Husky or an Alaskan Malamute. The dog has powerful limbs and a deep chest. Its eyes vary in color, from brown to amber and bear the spark of its high intelligence. The dog has small cat-like feet, which are round in shape and have thick pads. Its skull is slightly domed and has a well-proportioned shape. Native American Indian dog has black and thin lips, which cover its well-developed teeth.
The American Indian dog is known for its high level of intelligence. It can be trained with little effort. It learns with firm authority, though harshness will do least impact. It has to be trained to behave like a pack leader, lest it will fail to be disciplined. It is highly loyal and works towards pleasing its master. The dog grows well in a place with good space. Native American Indian dogs are tolerant and friendly with other pets, including other dogs. They are highly versatile and can be taught to pull a sled as well as to hunt. These dogs are highly pleased to obey the order of their master. The American Indian dog is slightly reserved with the strangers and is shy towards them, till it gets well acquainted. It is instinctual and territorial and makes up a good family watch dog. However, it may not be totally safe for families with younger children.
Native American Indian dog sheds its inner hair coat only once in a year, during the spring season. It is advisable to brush the coat during the shedding season, in order to avoid falling of hair inside the home. The dog needs moderate exercise. It should be taken on daily brisk walk.

American Indian Dog  
Native American Indian Dog  
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