American Mastiff dogs are the product of cross breeding between English and Anatolian Mastiff. Explore the article to know more about the popular American Mastiff dog breed.

American Mastiff Dogs

Breed Type: Family dogs
American Mastiff
Height: 32-36 inches (male), 28-34 inches (female)
Weight: 140-200 pounds
Coat Type: Short, smooth
American Mastiff, as the names suggests, is an American dog that has a large, powerful and muscular built. It is a molosser-type dog and was created over 20 years ago. This breed has developed after many years of selective breeding and is known to be a devoted family dog. American Mastiff dogs are calm, controlled, good natured, and prove to be excellent with children. They have a life span of 10-12 years. The best part about the dog is that due to cross-breeding; the tendency of the mastiffs to drool has been eliminated altogether. Today, it is one of the favorite dog breeds in America, due to its quiet and homely nature. Let’s explore more on the American Mastiff dog breed.
Fredericka Wagner of Flying W Farms crossbred an English Mastiff and an Anatolian Mastiff (an old breed known for its intelligence and long life), for dealing with issues of hip displasia, drooling, and a short lifespan. The result was American Mastiff. The dog was born through very selective breeding and its looks are quite similar to that of the English Mastiff. American Mastiff dogs were bred to be family dogs rather than show dogs. This relatively new breed of dogs is not registered in most breed registries.
American mastiff can be found in three colors, which are fawn, apricot and brindle. Their puppies are dark in color, but lighten gradually, as they grow up. These dogs have a wide, heavy head, which is rectangular in shape. In order to meet the physical standard of the breed, these dogs need to exhibit a black mask. White markings on the nose, chest and feet are also visible in American Mastiff. They are large, massive-looking and powerful dogs, with dark amber-colored eyes. Their muzzle is medium sized, which is well proportioned to their head. The nose of American Mastiff is black in color, with a scissor bite. They have large feet and arched toes. Their long tail reaches the hocks.
American Mastiffs are family dogs and they have great dedication towards the family they live in. They are quiet, calm, loving, loyal and devoted. These dogs are not known to be aggressive, though they are very protective. They can become fierce and courageous when their family is threatened. American Mastiffs love children and are neither shy, nor very expressive, or vicious. While this breed of dog is not meant to be domesticated by everyone, with the right owner, these dogs can be very gentle and docile. A steady routine keeps them fit and happy, as they would not prefer to exercise daily. Taking them out for regular walks will be good for their mental and physical health.
Genetic Diseases
American Mastiffs tend to be healthy, with a happy disposition. There is no known genetic disease that these dogs suffer from. Many health problems reported in other dogs has not been witnessed in American Mastiffs.
The American Mastiff is easy to groom, due to its short hair and smooth coat. Its hair grows quickly, so periodic cuts are required. It is easy to keep the dog clean, by shampooing and drying it after a bath. This should be followed by brushing its coat with a firm-bristled brush. Hair shedding is as much as in a normal dog.

American Mastiff  
American Mastiff Dog  
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