Did you know that air purifiers could prove to be very advantageous? Read on the health benefits of air purifiers.

Air Purifiers Health Benefits

Everyone inhales air pollutants or contaminants at home, at work or wherever. It’s a vicious cycle. You are almost always breathing in polluted air. Breathing in and breathing out air that is fresh and clean is almost next to impossible. This health and environment related issue is all that more common in cities and less in villages. The reason for the same is extremely palpable, but how do you fight against polluted air? This is where air purifiers come into the picture. An air purifier is a device that helps in the annihilation of contaminants in the air. Air purifiers are available as separate units as well as units that can be attached to larger air handling units. An efficient air purifier can actually help purify air and can also keep respiratory disorders, colds, asthma, and allergies at bay. Installing these machines in your home or at work can help you breathe easy and sans harmful pollutants that are guilty of causing a variety of illnesses. Take a breath, read on the health benefits of air purifiers.
Benefits Of Air Purifiers  
  • Air purifiers help fight against ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ or VOCs. VOCs are found in many common household items ranging from paint and varnish to disinfectants. Benzene, chloride, ethylene, and formaldehyde are examples of volatile organic compounds. These compounds can prove to be detrimental to your health. They can all irritate the nose, eyes, and throat. Continuous exposure to these volatile compounds can even result in chronic health disorders.
  • Installing an air purifier at your home would be a good idea. Most homes are plagued with foul odors that can emanate from almost anywhere. Cigarette smoke, stale food, kitty litter dust, indoor pesticides, smelly socks, etc. are examples ofthe ‘culprits’ that plague your homes with avoidable smells. Once the air is polluted with these odors, the chances of facing both mild and serious breathing problems are high. This is when you must get an air purifier installed. Efficient air purifiers can help you get rid of these smells and also help keep breathing complications at bay.
  • Microorganisms are all over the place. Every breath of air that we take contains millions of microorganisms. Antigens, pathogens, mold, viruses, and bacteria have a huge presence in the air we breathe. Do you actually want to breathe in air that is plagued with bacteria and viruses? Getting an air purifier installed at your home or office will minimize the chances of getting a disease that can arise from the inhalation of microorganisms. The safest route out is to install a good air purifier and to supplement this with proper ventilation at your home or office. Frequent airing of your home or office is extremely important too.
  • However, there is a flipside to air filters. The possible benefits of air purifiers can be nullified by filters that produce ozone. Breathing in this air can sometimes result in chest pains, allergies, and asthma. However, an alternative is to go for HEPA filters. These are recommended by industry experts and help purify indoor air without producing harmful side products.

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