Know someone who is turning 60 soon? Planning to celebrate his/her 60th birthday in the most distinctive and unique manner? Find party ideas for celebrating 60th birthday, in this write-up.

60th Birthday Ideas

Your parents/ grandparents celebrated your 16th birthday sometime back with a lot of pomp and show. Now it's repayment time, if either of your parents/ grandparents  is turning 60th. Celebrate this milestone with the same spirit and enjoyment as they celebrated yours. With the 60th year, finally your parents or grand parents would get a chance to rejoice their retirement years with a big bang. And what better than a grand surprise party, coupled with some memorable gifts, can be to mark this big milestone? And when it’s your dad, mom, or grandparents who’ve touched this age, you have a double reason to celebrate the occasion. Planning to do something special? How about reviving their youthful energies and rejuvenating their heart and mind? Put in all your thoughts and imagination to come up with an entertaining party that refreshes and rekindles their childhood memories. Finding it difficult? Don't worry, for we simplify things for you, as you glance through the following lines for some great 60th birthday party ideas. Time to wish happy birthday to your hot mamma or sexy dadda in style!
60th Birthday Party Ideas
60th Birthday Ideas For Females
Since it’s your mom/ grandmom who is turning 60, a surprise rocking party is a must. Not only will it give her some cherished moments to gather, but she will be delighted to see her family united all over again on this blissful occasion. Plan up with your siblings and other family members for the decorations, venue, menu, and gifts. Do remember to invite a few of her close friends. To add a motherly touch, keep the party decorations in her favorite color. A short movie of all your old videos, records, and photographs would be a great idea to revive the past. For the cake, get it designed as the number ‘60’ with 60 shimmering candles all around the cake. Even a simple square or round shaped cake with a sweet heart-touching quote will have your mother in tears.
If your mother/grandmom is of the reserved types, you can opt for a private affair by inviting just close family members and taking her to her favorite restaurant. Alternatively, you can have a fun-filled picnic to a nearby location giving her enough time to breathe some fresh air that she misses while staying busy in the household chores. Though any gift presented by you would be a great turn-on, but why not present something different and unexpected since it’s her 60th birthday. Needs and taste change with time. Thus, let the big lady feel how much her kids understands her. Diamonds are a woman’s favorite fascination. Get a pair of diamond earrings, necklace, or a ring for her. A surprise meal cooked by you would be another way to delight her. Collect all your fond memories of you and your mother/grandmother and present them in a large photo album. See her react to these golden memories with a big smile and twinkling eyes.
60th Birthday Ideas For Males
While mothers are the most special people in anyone’s life, fathers too are important and hence, should not be left behind. Agreed, that a mother carries you in her womb for nine months, but did you notice your father making up for those nine months by caring for you throughout his life? Not really, right! Now is the time to shower your love and affection towards your dad/ granddad by throwing a surprise party that will surely leave him spellbound. Invite all his old friends and colleagues that he probably maynot be in touch with for years. Definitely, a great surprise for his most special day, birthday!
Gather all your dad’s/ grandfather's childhood and youth photos by taking help from your family members. Decorate the party venue with these memories. A large cake in the shape of baseball, football, cricket ball, or cricket bat would be highly appreciated, especially if it was his favorite sport. Also, a cake shaped in a car or sports bike would be equally interesting. The big man always wanted to buy a luxurious car, but chalked it only to satisfy your needs and wants. It’s your turn now! Gift him his favorite car or even a perfume or branded shirt that he always wanted to wear. A holiday trip to any of his favorite foreign destinations would surely be a good surprise.
60th birthday are once-in-a-lifetime occasion never to come again. Celebrate it in the most memorable way so that he/she cherishes the same all throughout his/her life.

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