Looking for fun ways to warm up in this bone chilling winter? Try partying for a change and read about these cool winter party ideas.

Winter Party Ideas

Let go off that warm blanket, the beloved heat from the burning firewood, and the rising froth from that piping hot coffee, and get ready for some real rollicking time ahead! Party your night/day out and have fun! Winters don’t have to be a lazy affair, being stuck inside your house thinking about how hot the sun may be if you touched it. Come out from hibernation and celebrate winters! A whole array of themes is available, allowing you to keep doing what you love in winters, be it sleeping like a hibernating bear, having a cuppa tea while feeling British, or facing the cold like a daredevil. What’s more? You can plan one according to the budget you have. Don’t go running outside in the cold yet, shouting “party” “party”. Read about fun ways to warm yourself up in this bone chilling winter, with the closeness of your loved ones and the excitement of partying.
Winter Party Theme Ideas
Slumber Party
Remember those times when you were a kid and your grandparents used to share their funny and not-so-funny experiences with you, while you cuddled up close to them and went to sleep. Bring back those times. Invite over your loved ones, family and close friends, and have a slumber party. Probably the only time when you don’t have to let go off that warm blanket, the beloved heat from the firewood, and a piping hot coffee, combined with the warmth of your loved ones. Share stories, share jokes, share life!
Candlelight Party
Turn off the lights and light the candles. Place candles in each corner of the room; use scented candles if you want. The pure vision of nothing but the candles burning up inside the room is sure to send you to seventh heaven, with an additional bonus of the warmth produced by them You can also combine a candlelight party with the slumber party, although make sure to light off the candles before you drop to sleep. You don’t want yourself literally waking up in seventh heaven.
Terrace Garden Party
New Year’s Eve doesn’t come in the month of June, but December-January, when it’s cold. It didn’t stop you then, so why should it you now? Invite over your friends and plan a terrace garden party. Partying in the open has its own charm. Have open firewood and sing in chorus your favorite songs or set up the DJ and dance to your favorite tunes and spice it up with mocktails and cocktails, whichever you prefer. Add to that spiced-up appetizers and warm food and you’ve got yourself a fun way to celebrate winters.
Ice Lounge Party
No other daring and fun way to celebrate winters than to shift from warm blankets to an even colder place. If don’t live where it snows, no need not worry as your city probably has an ice lounge bar, where not just the walls, floors and couches are made up of ice, but even the glasses in which they serve drinks are made up of ice. Can there be any other chilling way to chill out?
Tea or Coffee Party
No, this is no Boston and nobody will throw all your tea into the sea. Invite over your close ones and throw a smashing tea or coffee party to warm up your day. Prepare different flavors of tea such as cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, green tea, and different flavors of ice tea as well. And for coffee there’re cappuccino, mocha chino, latte, and cold coffee (for the daredevils). Liven up the party with light background music and games. Throw in little snacks and cakes as well, not at each other though.
Don’t be like the grandparents from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Discover a whole new world of winter partying!

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