Facebook offers great connectivity, but most of us don’t have much idea as to how to find someone on facebook. In this article, find ways to find someone on facebook.

How To Find Someone On Facebook

Nowadays, almost everyone among the young generation has a facebook account. It has emerged as a great social networking site, offering more than just connecting with your loved ones. People not only talk to their friends and family, but also share photos, thoughts, videos and even play games together, competing online. Facebook is also becoming a boon for small and big business. These days, advertisement companies are also relying on facebook for publicizing their products/services. Almost every one who has an access to internet in someway or the other is a part of facebook. So whether it is your long lost school mate or your college buddy who went abroad for further studies or your colleague who has just been transferred to a new city, you can find anyone you want to connect with in facebook. While it is easy to locate people on facebook through the search box given above, people who do not have an account too can search people on facebook without actually joining it. What’s more, you can even look for people whom you had been looking for, for quite some time now, by a phone number through facebook. Find out different ways to find someone on facebook.
Finding Someone On Facebook
If You Have A Facebook Account
  • Go to the homepage of facebook and login your facebook account. In your account, on the top you will find a search box. All you need to do is to enter the name of the person you want to search.  Facebook may have several people having the same name, but to enhance the efficiency of your search, facebook will put the results according to your network. For example, if you live in Canada, facebook will search the people whose name, place of living, work place, etc is mentioned as Canada. In case you are looking for someone outside Canada, all you need to do is click on “search all network” for a global search. There are also sub options like school, city, and so on provided in the search page to specify your search even more.
  • If you know the person’s facebook e-mail address, you can simply type it on the search box and the profile of the concerned person will appear within few seconds.
  • You can also search a person by looking for him/her in your friends’ contact list. This, however, is only possible if you are looking for someone who is a common friend. 
  • If you know that the person whom you are looking for is a great fan of “chocolates”, then you can even search the person in these groups present on facebook. It’s an interesting way to find someone on facebook.
  • Add common friends to your list will make the search easier. For this, all you need to do is find some of your common friends and send them a request. Once accepted, you would get an access to their contact list and thus, find that particular person.
Without Joining Facebook
  • The easiest way to find someone on facebook without joining it is just simply typing the name of a person in the search engine tool such as “Google”. If the person has the facebook account, it will appear in the search.
  • You can also search a person from the homepage of the network, but most websites do not allow it.
By Phone Number
Login with your facebook account and type the phone number of a person in the search option if you are unable to find someone through the name. You can type address in the same manner too.
When you login with your facebook account, on the right side you find an option that states ‘friends’ suggestion’. You can even find someone looking at these suggestions. This option is extremely efficient as it shows people who belong directly or indirectly to your network. You can click on “see all” to look at the whole list of suggestions.
Next time you want to search your old friend on facebook, heed these ways and find him/her on facebook. It will make your search easier, faster and efficient.

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