When you say “I do” at the wedding altar, do you mean it with all your heart and soul? Read this article and be wary of why marriages fail before making a lamentable mistake.

Why Marriages Fail

Westernization and liberalization of society have obviously encouraged people to adopt the “Give a Damn” attitude that permit them to give in to their desires and ignore public opinion. Of course, there still remains a significant number who still conform to society's norms. However, the rate continues to plummet drastically. In the broader sense, an open society is by many standards beneficial. However, defying societal norms to the extent of taking for granted the institution of marriage is questionable. Nowadays, people slam the door of marriage without even attempting to fix it. The reasons behind broken marriages are often impulsive and trivial. The sacred vow of “tying the knot” has been reduced to the mere act of dumping a disposable toothbrush into the thrash can. Moreover, short-lived marriages are trendy and offer “cheap thrills” to the loose canons presently consituting a huge chunk of planet Earth. Remember Britney Spear's publicity stunt? The 60 hour long marriage flashed by every news channel worldwide? Yes, all of a sudden marriage is more of a game and less of a sacrament. Dwell on the hot topic-'Why Marriages Fail' till you reach the bottom of this page, or perhaps you should give it some more thought once you're done.

Reasons Marriages Fail 

Selfishness And Infidelity
Selfishness is an innate quality that very few of us are born without. As individuals, we all have personal desires which at some point of marriage must be compromised. Sadly, couples are seldom willing to accept certain sacrifices and terms of compromise. In most cases, the more vulnerable spouse ends up unsatisfied, bitter, resentful and may soon look elsewhere for emotional support. Incessant arguments ensue and clashing egos add fuel to the fire. Such dicey scenarios often culminate in infidelity, heartbreak and finally, divorce. Lack of sex and intimacy spells doom for a married couple and signals the need for marriage counselling. Infidelity is usually the first sign of a failing marriage which materializes the moment spouses fail to relate with one another and inevitably resort to cheating.

No Trust
Trust is the binding force that defines the worth of a valid relationship. Shower your partner with love and care. Share your secrets and woes with one another. Do not hesitate to open up. Hiding your true feelings will only lead to complications and will subsequently deteriorate the husband-wife bond. If you feel you've done something regrettable that your spouse will disapprove of, come clean before the situation exacerbates. Trust is the foundation of every successful marriage. Once the trust is lost, regaining it is extremely hard.

Financial Difficulties And Addictions
While the notion that love conquers all is widely believed by the masses, it is essential to bear in mind that money matters. A steady income reduces the chances of couples filing for divorce. No doubt that money can’t buy you love, but money is crucial for building a family and effectively maintaining a household. Where there is less money people become nervous and frustrated with their partners and their life. Addictions such as alcoholism, drugs, gambling and sex may soon take over and create further rifts between spouses. Admitting to your addiction is the easier route to tackling your addiction and hopefully saving your marriage.

The In-Laws Factor
Meddlesome parents who just cannot stay out of their kid's married life are bound to create fireworks within a marriage. Although in times of crises, their advice may come in handy but parents or in-laws must not cross the line. They tend to defend their own child for the pettiest of issues and blame the spouse for every misfortune. The in-laws start to dominate and control the marriage until frustration mounts and the cornered spouse begins to harbour regrets.

Marriages Not Based On Love
In closed societies, marriages take place as a consequence of pressure from family and relatives. In other cases, there may be an unplanned pregnancy which imposes a sense of obligation to the soon-to-be parents to give the unborn child a family. Young immature couples jump the wagon without understanding the meaning and responsibility attached to the covenant of marriage. Either they aren’t compatible or there is a breakdown in communication which renders the marriage a complete disaster.

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