Wondering what are things to avoid during pregnancy? Fret not. Browse through the article and glance at what are the things that need to be avoided when pregnant.

What To Avoid When Pregnant

Just came to know that you are pregnant? First things first, congratulations! What a wonderful feeling it must be to know that you are bringing a life to the world. A life that you would be responsible for, a life that would complete your family, a life that would call you ‘mom’ and your partner ‘dad’! Sounds all blissful and heavenly? Well, surely it must be. Pregnancy is definitely the most precious gift of life that couples are showered with. Giving life to the child is an incredibly unique experience for a couple, especially for women. But the period from conceiving to birth of a child is very crucial. The whole nine months require extreme care and concern. A pregnant woman must take care of even the minutest of things that she does during her pregnancy. She must always remember the fact that whatever she does or eat in these nine months has a direct impact on the child. For all you expectant dads, know that women need a very gentle and lovable care during the pregnancy period. Keeping a woman healthy and happy gets her away from miscarriages and risks during the birth of the child. By avoiding few things, you can enhance the health of both the unborn child and expectant mother. Listed below are things to avoid when pregnant. Check out.
Things To Avoid During Pregnancy
  • Smoking is hazardous normally and during pregnancy, it becomes all the more risky. Both mother and child get highly affected by smoking. Also, pregnant women who live closely to people who smoke are also affected badly, due to unintentional inhalation. Smoking can cause abortions, pre-terms birth, babies with less weight and even death. It should be highly avoided and thus, it is advisable to quit smoking during pregnancy.
  • Alcohol is another dangerous factor that causes harm during pregnancy. Depending on the quantity of alcohol intake, alcohol affects the growth and development of the baby. If alcohol is not avoided during pregnancy, it may lead to serious deficiency called fetal alcohol syndrome, which may lead to mental retardation and other abnormalities.
  • Avoid intake of illegal drugs, as doing so may lead to severe problems like low weight, damage in central nervous system and impaired growth of the mind of the unborn child.
  • Do not take medicines, which you normally ate earlier, without discussing it with a doctor. These medicines can prove to be very dangerous for you and your baby during pregnancy. Some medicines must never be taken during initial months of pregnancy. Always consult your doctor before popping in a pill.
  • Avoid eating hot dog and consuming caffeine. Hot dog increases cancer risk in the baby, while caffeine increases the probability of a child to contact with diabetes.
  • Stay away from reptiles like lizards, snakes, etc. Such reptiles have salmonella virus present in their feces. If this gets transferred to the mother’s body, pregnancy would be steeply affected.
  • Avoid junk food. Junk food lacks nutrient content in them. Also, though it fills the stomach fast, you tend to get hungry in some time. Since the food does not have nutrition, development of the baby can be steeply impaired.
  • Avoid taking vitamin- A supplements. It increases the risk of the defects in the baby. Instead, you can take vitamin A naturally up to a certain amount.
  • Activities which include rigorous physical moments should be highly avoided. Do not go to gym. For fitness, take up yoga classes or do some breathing exercises at home. These would help you keep yourself fit, without causing any damage to the baby.
  • Avoid contact with pesticides. Depending on the type of chemical, frequency and intensity of exposure, its effects can vary. So exposure to pesticides should be highly avoided.
  • The temperature of the body should also be constant. Avoid raising or dipping the temperature of the body. Hot or steam baths should be avoided completely.
  • Avoid contact with paints, household cleaning products, electric blanket, tick bites and uncooked meat.
So, for all those of you wondering what to avoid during pregnancy, the list mentioned above would surely have been helpful. Avoiding these things during pregnancy will not only make your baby fit and healthy, but also reduce the risks greatly.

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