Tiredness has a knack of coming to the surface to disrupt our schedule without revealing to us how it got there. Read this article on “what causes tiredness” and catch these causes red handed!

What Causes Tiredness

You just found yourself in the middle of an open road, bounded in tightly constructed knots; with a rope that looks like it was used to keep the kraken at bay in the mythological times. While one end of the rope is tied to you, the other end is tied to a large truck that you need to pull and take it to the other end. You try to comprehend the situation but your mind has left for the day. That’s how tired you feel in this god forsaken place with the sun beating down hard upon you. A sharp lash beats on your bare back that brings you to your knees. You look behind and see a masked figure holding the lash and signaling you to continue pulling the truck. You apply all your strength and energy into it; the truck moves only but a little. Another whip from the lash gets you to your feet but alas, no respite; for the truck still hasn’t moved at all. Suddenly, you hear your name being called from a distance. The figure approaches close, calling out your name in frustration and you wonder why. This unknown figure suddenly seems recognizable. He calls out you for one more time accompanied by a push that brings you out of this hallucination and you find yourself sitting on your office desk, in a decomposed state. The figure was of your superior who now seemed displeased more than usual. But you couldn’t explain to him your state of tiredness; because you yourself don’t know why you’re so tired. Read below and find out what caused this tiredness that compromised your active state.
Causes Of Tiredness
  • Feeling tired is directly related to many sleeping disorders. How’s your sleep working out for you? Sleeping too little or sleeping too much? It doesn’t make a difference as doing either of the two for a consistent period of time can make your body feel deprived of any real energy.
  • Many diseases, from common cold to malaria can lead to feeling fatigued throughout the day. Many chronic illnesses like unfavorable heart conditions or cancerous formations and their medications have a sedation effect on the body that can make you feel more lethargic than what you actually are.
  • Apart from physical factors like being overweight or underweight, psychological factors play an equal role in enhancing the state of lethargy in your body. Depression, anxiety, too much stress, consistent feeling of bereavement can affect you body’s energy levels, psychologically more than physically.
  • Let alone alcohol and drug abuse, even little consumption of them can throw your energy levels off track and can make feel tired all day. Moreover, using alcohol and drug as an option for stress relief won’t help at all but will further alleviate your lethargic condition.
  • Long working hours at work, constant shift changes, hard physical labor, stressful work environment, and even boredom at workplace only contribute to your level of tiredness. Having to concentrate hard on your work drains a lot out of you and can raise the stress and anxiety levels; further ruining the condition.
  • Are you eating right? Ask yourself honestly! Not having a proper dietary schedule with all the food grades covered properly is sure to make your body long for more energy for whatever work you do. Lack of any physical activity or exercise can also take you towards a more inactive state of being tired.
  • In women, pregnancy can lead to extreme tiredness as the baby growing inside withdraws its energy from the mother’s body, leaving her deprived of the much-needed nutrients. That’s why it is recommended for pregnant women to maintain a healthy and regular diet which will not only affect the baby, but the mother too in a positive way.
  • Apart from these, causes for tiredness also include jet lag, some type of poisoning, boredom, inactive thyroid gland, burn out, alcohol or drug withdrawal, vitamins and iron deficiency, low blood pressure, and low blood sugar

Tiredness can disrupt the daily routine of a person completely. As such, it is very important to find out the underlying cause for it and take proper care!

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