Wedding catering is almost always an expensive affair, but there is a way out. Read your way through this article for ways to save on wedding catering.

Ways To Save On Wedding Catering

Your ‘Big Day’ is around the corner! You’re waiting, you’re in love and you’re thrilled! However, there is one issue that has been eating into your happiness. It’s a looming weight that you’ve just been dying to get rid of. What is this issue and why is it troubling you so much? How do you get rid of it? Well, it’s all about the wedding catering and the food to be served at your wedding. You’re extremely worried because you can’t really afford to throw a lavish feast for your guests, but then you also can’t serve food that does not make the ‘wedding food’ cut. What do you do? How do you row away from approaching expenses? Don’t worry. There is a way out of the woods. You’ve just got to think and act smart when zeroing in on the items and their number on the menu of your wedding. Take a step! Read on to learn how to minimize expenses on wedding catering.
How To Save On Wedding Catering 

The Simple Life
Without the question of doubt, keeping the food served at your wedding simple will help minimize costs. Why would you want to have a million dishes served when you’re looking to cut down on money spent on catering? You can serve a simple welcome drink like a fruit punch or a cola, followed with lunch or dinner that’s not too much of a burden on your pocket. Stay away from the varieties; it will help you pull off an inexpensive wedding ‘feast’. 

Smart Selections
You’ve got to be extremely picky when it comes to choosing the venue of your wedding and the caterer. When choosing the venue for the wedding, hunt for a place that gives you the freedom to choose your own caterer. When choosing the caterer, hunt for a caterer who offers for the best deal for cheap. However, do not compromise on the quality and taste of the food. It may be tough to find a caterer who offers good for cheap, but it’s definitely not impossible. 

Season’s Greetings!
When deciding on the items to be served at your wedding, make an honest attempt at sticking to the season. Desiring to serve a mango based dessert for a wedding that is to be held during winter will not only make it tough for your caterers, but will also increase your expenses. It may not be easy to curb desires for having your kind of food at your wedding, but what has to be done, has to be done. Choose foods that are seasonal. This will help you reduce your expenses and stay well within the limits of your catering budget. 

Vegetarians Only
What better way to have a healthy and cheap wedding than to have a wedding menu that comprises only vegetarian food. Ask your caterer to come up with delectable and wholesome vegetarian dishes. This way you’ll get to enjoy the best of both worlds. The amount spent on food will not kiss the skies and you’ll also have the pleasure of restoring smiles back on the faces of your vegetarian friends. However, you may have a tough time explaining to the ‘carnivores’ amongst your friends and family members. 

Rope In The Rookies
Go in for a talent hunt of sorts. Search for relatively inexperienced wedding caterers, who are good at what they do and still charge lesser than their well-established competitors. However, make it a point to check if your caterers are as good as they may claim to be. Ask a person who has previously hired them. This is the only way to go about it. You’re after all taking a risk by hiring inexperienced caterers, but you’ve got to take this risk to ensure you don’t spend too much on catering. 

Recruit A Relative
Ask a relative or maybe even a friend, who is an expert at cooking a particular dish or loves baking, to come up with a custom made treat for your wedding. If your relative really loves to cook, he or she will be more than willing to help. This is one of the easiest ways to counter the expenses that have to be incurred on catering.

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