Treasure hunt games involve reading and understanding clues that finally lead to a treasure. Explore the article to find some exciting game ideas for treasure hunt party.

Treasure Hunt Game Ideas

A treasure hunt is a fun game where a group of participants is given a clue about a particular place. The participants have to think over and understand the clue and try to find the place. When they find the place, they discover another clue, yet again leading to a certain place. This can go on for as long as you like. The last clue will lead the participants towards a treasure. This completes the treasure hunt. Treasure hunt games are enjoyed by children of all ages, just the clues have to be made easy or tough according to the age of the participants. Below given are some fabulous and enjoyable ideas for organizing treasure hunt games in your party.
Game Ideas For Treasure Hunt Party
  • The first thing you need to ensure while planning for a treasure hunt is to lay down the rules of the games. Young participants are difficult to manage in games and therefore, rules assume significance. Without proper directions to follow, children can turn the fun game into a disaster.
  • Make a team of participants and designate a team leader who will read all the clues. When any clue is found, it is handed over to the team leader, who gathers all the team members and reads the clue for them. This idea is especially helpful for small children who can’t read well.
  • Another idea is to mark each clue with a name. Whoever finds the clue will hand it over to the person whose name is marked on the clue. That person will gather everyone and read out the clue to others.
  • One more idea can be to allow anyone to read the clue. Whosoever finds the clue reads it. However in this case, not every participant will get a chance to read the clue. The best way is to gather everyone before the clue is read, irrespective of who reads the clue. This gives everyone an equal chance to proceed towards the next clue.
  • Once the treasure has been found following the clues, it should be taken to a designated spot, where it is to be opened only after everyone has gathered. The organizer of the game needs to ensure that every participant gets a treasure. Small toys or candies will make for a nice gift for children.
  • An interesting idea is to plan a treasure hunt in such a way that participants finally get back to the starting point to find the treasure. However, you need to ensure that the treasure is hidden at a location which is not easily visible.
  • Ensure that neither the treasure hunt is too easy for the participants, nor is it too hard for them to make sense of the clues and find the treasure. The hiding place should be decided keeping in mind the age of the participants. In case there are different ages of children, you can pair them up in teams and challenge them to find the treasure first.

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