This holiday season give wings to the explorer in you and sail off to the far-off intriguing land of Bermuda and let the exploratory spirit of this Devil’s triangle get the better of you.

Things To Do In Bermuda

Location: North America
Southampton Parish, Bermuda
Language: English, Portuguese
Best Time to Visit: March-October
Time Zone:  Atlantic (UTC-4)
Driving Side: Left
Main Attractions: Beautiful Beaches, Crystal Caves, Horseshoe Bay, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Devil’s Hole Aquarium, Jobson’s Cove, Spittal Pond, St. George's Parish, Fort of St. Catherine
While country retreats and resort getaways are great ways to idle away your vacation, there is absolutely no better feeling than dodging away from the hobnob of the mainstream life and escaping to the grandeur of island. If you are stranded for a vacation and don’t know where to go, Bermuda is a place that might have lot to offer to you. If you are all set for a mind-boggling trip to the mysterious Bermuda, it would pay to acquaint yourself to the few travel hotspots in the island. Granted, when heading for Bermuda, it’s hard to know what to expect with the engulfing mystery on the eerie geographical zone being as big as the drive to dive deep into it. Nevertheless, if you are a nature’s pet and game for everything grand and au natural, Bermuda is indeed your oyster. With pink-sand beaches and a touch of British élan, the enigma behind Bermuda stretches itself just beyond the Devils’ triangle that is infamously known to gobble up everything that hovers around it. With historical influence practically oozing from every corners of this place, Bermuda has a lot to offer to the travelers and history freaks alike.
Tourist Attractions In Bermuda
Befuddling Beaches
Whether planning for a weekend jaunt or just heading for a relaxing getaway, nothing can beat the stress out of you and cater to your appetite for spell-binding beauty better than the breath-taking elegance of Bermuda’s pristine pink-sand beaches and coral-tinged strands. Bermuda has some of the world’s best beaches to offer, that invariably ranks high both on beauty and magnificence and is touted as global tourist hotpot. An ideal escape for anyone willing to get away from the worldly hobnob, Bermuda certainly delivers the best in store. Shore off to the crescent shaped Horseshoe Bay, settle for a more picturesque Warwick Long Beach, hit the tourist hub Elbow beach or head for the more recluse Astwood Cove and experience all of it and more.
Mystifying Caves
When in Bermuda, you simply cannot miss out on the very enigmatic, the very mysterious Crystal Caves. A floating pontoon nestled above a deep azure blue lake, this remarkable natural beauty offers a mind-boggling cornucopia of pristine white stalactites, soda straws and helectite formations. One of the largest caves in Bermuda, this truly astonishing artwork of nature offers the most awe-inspiring experience for sure. Just imagine the wonder of leaning over the pontoon and see the stalagmites rising from the floor. Spectacular! 
Panoramic Vista
Probably the oldest cast iron lighthouse in the world to provide a magnificent view of the Bermuda shoreline, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is a must-see place for every tourist! Situated on a towering hill this 117 feet tall lighthouse offers the most panoramic view of Bermuda and its exquisite beachesincluding South Shore Park, Hamilton, the Fairmont Southampton hotel and the Great Sound. Treat your eyes to the breathtaking Queen’s view or simply dine on its balcony for a never before kind of an experience.
Bird Haven
If you love your fowls and love to be all up close and personal with them, Spittal Pond is the place to be. Home to multitude of migratory shorebirds and waterfowls, the Spittal Pond is a permanent haven to kiskadee and white-eyed vireo. The largest premium natural reserve, this truly exotic bird sanctuary is probably the hikers nest. Rocky coastline and uninhibited oceanic waves, this sprawling sanctuary indeed has more to offer than orgasmic view of the avian life.
A Deep Dive
A natural sweet water aquarium, Devil’s Hole is a fisherman’s paradise. Just tow your line and bait and get fishing for some of the world’s most exotic species of tropical fishes and the very exquisite green Bermuda turtle. Catch up with the rare aquatic life of the region and delve deep into the piscine storm with Devil’s Hole, a place for the more aqua-hearted for sure!
Historically Yours
Get a first-hand experience of the timeless era that practically oozes out from the cobblestones in the back streets of St. George's Parish. Places like Petticoat Lane, Old Maid's Lane and Barber's Name Lane are just choc-a-bloc with old age charm and are sure to transport you back into one of those eras. Also if you find time, don’t forget to hit the Fort of St. Catherine. The largest fort in the island and touted as a true mirror of antiquity, this fort is the house of many military artifacts, historical displays, jewels and more. So lose yourself in the wandering tunnels or just gaze down the amazing displays and soak up as much of the bygone era as you can while still at it.

Southampton Parish, Bermuda  
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