Motion sickness isn’t a very comfortable feeling and can throw your balanced state off the kilter. Read the following tips on how to prevent motion sickness and travel in high spirits.

How To Prevent Motion Sickness

Have you ever sat through a journey feeling all woozy and sick, wishing you would rather die than face the stomach disgust? If yes, then you probably very well know what it feels like to put up with motion sickness. Motion sickness or traveling sickness is a fairly common condition that occurs, when the sync between the senses is disrupted. It is a tricky feeling that is triggered by no external agents, but a sense of utter confusion. When a conflict in the balance and equilibrium of the body confuses the brain, one gets a motion attack. Motion sickness is an upsetting feeling that can leave you feeling all dizzy, disoriented and dog-tired. So, are you now wondering how can you avert this disturbing feeling? While it may not be possible to prevent motion sickness completely, certain sensible efforts can help you knock down the distress and make your journey less stressful. There are certain things you can do and things that you can skip before you backpack your luggage. Doing so will just ensure that you have a great time when out, without having to worry about feeling all dizzy and sick. To know more on how to prevent motion sickness, read on.
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Tips To Prevent Motion Sickness
  • Does your tummy feel all queasy and sick every time you are on a car, train or plane? Motion or travel sickness isn’t quite a happy feeling and can leave one feeling sick to the pit of the stomach. If you are someone who has lived with this upsetting feeling for more than once, know that getting plenty of rest before you begin with a journey can save you the anxiety. A well-rested body is better equipped to handle all kind of travelling stress. So, next time you are due for a journey, just don’t forget to take a quick nap to get over your hangover, anxiety and even minor stress.
  • Sometimes where you sit can make all the difference on how you feel at the end of a trip? If you suffer from motion sickness, choosing the right seat can solve your misery. When traveling by air, you can request for an aisle seat to avoid the unwanted stress. As for when traveling by train, choose a front facing seat, next to the window. Choosing your seat wisely can equip your body to handle the movement and motion better.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are traveling by train or bus — standing in an upright position, while your body and senses are in a state of flux, can leave you with a sick feeling in your stomach. To avoid this sickening feeling, refrain from standing while you are traveling.
  • Motion sickness is triggered when there is a disparity between what you see and how you feel. Most often the eyes cannot see what your ear can sense during traveling.  Mismatched feelings can upset your senses and make you feel all woozy and sick. The cue to avoid this disparity is to keep your eyes fixed on the horizon. Focusing on any stationary object in the distance can help to get rid of the uneasiness.
  • If you are someone who loves to read when traveling, it would help to keep away from books during this time. Reading can trigger sensory confusion with eyes moving and stimulating wrong signals, during traveling. To skip the wrong feeling, it would pay to stay away from books when traveling.
  • If motion sickness strikes out of the blue, leaving you feeling all nauseating and perspiring, settling yourself into a right posture can help. Using a neck pillow, rest your head firmly against the back of your seat. This will reduce the head movement and bring instant relief.
  • Say no to spicy, greasy food, before you leave for a journey. Greasy foods are difficult to digest and can leave your tummy sniveling when traveling. Also, refrain from eating too low or too much before traveling. It is best to stuff yourself with something light and non-greasy before you step out. Drinking carbonated drink will help to settle the food down in your stomach.
  • Keep yourself well-hydrated. Guzzle plenty of water before you leave the house to avoid motion sickness. Also, refrain from drinking alcohol before leaving for a journey as all kind of hangovers will only worsen your woes.

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