Your special day is fast approaching and you are worried about not fitting into that lovely dress. Read on for some interesting tips and diet plans to keep your beloved awestruck.

The Wedding Diet

“Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out. But I can usually shut her up with cookies..." This quote may really be funny to read. But shedding those extra calories is not a joke. You have found the right guy for yourself and have also fixed up the wedding date; all you must want to do now is to shed those extra kilos to get into that one beauty of a dress. When you want everything to be perfect and you want your fiancé to be mesmerized by you walking down the aisle in that lovely dress, then a good nutritional diet program is what you need. A bride deserves to look her best on her D-Day and a pre-wedding diet should be followed in a healthy way so as to make her skin, hair and eyes all truly sparkle! Here are a few pre-wedding diet tips to follow to make you look confident and great when walking down the aisle.  

Pre- Wedding Diet Tips

  • All you need is strong will power and the passion to lose weight. So make up your mind and start immediately. Do not delay. Your special day is not far, either!
  • It’s high time you stop lazing around and relying on easily available technology alone. Walk to your workplace or the supermarket instead of driving, if they happen to be at reasonably walkable distances. Play with your dogs or neighborhood kids instead of sitting in front of the television. When you go to the malls, use the staircase instead of the escalator or elevators.
  • Start doing some light home exercises. You may do some gardening, you may sweep and swab your house or you may dance to your favorite music. Cycling will help you a lot in shedding those extra calories around your hip and thighs.
  • Eat healthy and regularly. Never skip any meal. Experts have proved that when healthy women who were lean ate irregular meals burnt lesser amount of calories and gained weight and bloated up as a result, in due course of time.
  • Eat healthy. Add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet menu. Avoid sweets and sugary food and drinks. Stay away from sodas and aerated drinks.
  • For a safer way to lose health, be sure of what you eat. Before you purchase anything at a shop, look for the ingredients. Check out the amount of fats and calories you are eating.
  • Drink lots of water and eat fiber rich foods. These things make you feel you are full and make you eat less and you also won’t starve.
  • Eat foods in smaller portions and 5 times a day instead of 3 heavy meals. Divide the food of 3 meals into 5 meals, and burn more calories consuming it as well as digesting it.
  • Take foods rich in proteins like fish, eggs and dairy produce which repair your skin. Anti-oxidant foods like tomatoes, mangoes, spinach, oranges and at times green tea give a glow to your skin.
  • And finally, keep checking the weighing scales and the measure tape till you get the desired readings. Do not fret if the effort is paying off slowly. Don’t starve and exercise like crazy. Patience will bring more consistent results, so wait and find the difference.
You should not just aim to look lean and thin. Your pre-wedding diet should bring a radiant glow to your eyes and skin on the big day. So make sure you have a diet plan that satisfies all your needs.

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