Tata Nano, yes its name is Nano- Tata Motors finally unveiled its much awaited small car at the Auto Expo 2008. Have a look at the pictures of Tata Nano

Tata Nano

Finally, what seemed like forever has come to an end. “Nano”, the Rs. 1 lakh by Tata has been unveiled. A compact, no-frills family car, the “People’s Car” is all set to revolutionize the Indian automobile market. Though Tata faced numerous problems during its production, like emission norms, environmental issues and stiff competition from rival companies, it has finally achieved its dream today.
The car, like other small cars is a four door and five-seater car that promises to be a compact good performance family car. The basic model will not have power-steering, electric windows or AC, though there are two deluxe models of this car, which will have AC. A small 33 bhp 624cc engine will be provided at the rear of the car and its ergonomic design is sure to suit well to the Indian traffic. The car looks absolutely chic and sleek and lives up to the urban styling.
The launch was no less than a landmark in the history of the Indian automobile industry. Ratan Tata compared this launch to the launch of the first powered flight by the Wright Brothers as well as the first landing on the moon. It was Tata’s dream to make a car that almost everyone could afford, could meet all safety norms and emission laws and provided a much better driving experience than a bike. He proved critics and cynics today when they said that a car with all those features could not be manufactured at such a low price.
Commenting upon the myths that surrounded the car, he calmly argued said that the car is capable of a good performance and is far better than most of the motorbikes on the Indian roads. Hope this car revolutionizes the way Indian think and we get to see this sleek beauty zooming on the roads soon!

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