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Getz Prime

Premium hatchback, the ‘Getz Prime’ in variants of 1.1 litre and 1.3 litre engine capacity was recently introduced into the Indian market by Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL). Said to be enhanced version of the Getz, the starting price of Hyundai’s Getz Prime variants is Rs 3.80 lakh onwards. This launch by Hyundai Company is clearly an attempt to step up their dominant hold on the automotive segment in India, thereby offering stiff competition to Maruti’s Swift.  
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Among the most acclaimed brands of Hyundai Motors India, the Hyundai Getz Prime has won the hearts of car specialists by fusing style with grace.  A lot of automobile analysts have dubbed the Getz Prime essentially as ‘Getz with a facelift’. However, some original features comprise new headlights and tail lamps, a front fog lamp, three-spoke steering wheel, refurbished centre console and alterations in the plastic grain finish.
Apart from the above mentioned original features of the Hyundai Getz Prime, few more add-ons include armrest in driver’s seat, illuminated glove box and power window switches, modifiable backrests in the rear seats and new body colors. Also there is comfortable leg space in Getz Prime in comparison to Getz. As far as the appearance of Getz Prime is concerned, it’s more curvy and thus, faintly changed from Getz.
The headlamp on the front of the car has been provided a sleeker, more lengthened shape. The fresh clear-lens headlamp has got pilot lamps and a main headlamp with a bigger reflector. The indicator lamp has been reallocated to the inside and in conjunction with the chief lamp, provides the headlamp a double projector appearance. Renovated circular fog lamps have been incorporated into the bumper, which has been provided a lesser air dam. The front grille has also been designed again and its curvaceous corners blend into the bonnet crease line.
In the Getz Prime, you will find that the bumper inserts have also been modeled all over again. The fresh bumpers have major full-width removable insert mouldings that provide more character to the car's facade and back. In order to provide more comfort to passengers in the rear seat, the 60:40 split-rear-seat can be made to tilt in three varied positions. Hyundai’s Getz Prime still has safety features such as the clutch lock and anti-lock brakes as an elective addition.
Colors of Hyundai’s Getz Prime -
  • Noble white
  • Passion red
  • Blue onyx
  • Bright silver
  • Deep pearl blue
  • Dynasty red
  • Ebony black
  • Midnight grey
  • Real earth
  • Sky blue
  • Space silver

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