Are you discarding your branded stilettos just because they have been ripped from the soles? Steer through this article to know how to resole your shoes and make them last for ever and ever.

Resole Shoes

You love indulging in heavy shopping and pampering yourself, especially your little feet. For, they are your entire support that have brought you where you are (literally!). So, why wouldn’t anyone want to pamper his/her feet with a cute and stylish pair of shoes? Everyone loves buying new and trendy footwear, and surely, you are one amongst the many. But what turns out to be terribly awful is the dreadful sight of your shoes worn out with a large hole in the soles. The store manager has refused to mend the shoe as the warranty period has expired. You do not want to throw them in the bin nor are you willing to take them to a local cobbler to get them mended. Then, the only left-out option is to resole them at home, but it sure isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as most people end up creating a mess out of it only to realize that the shoes were a better sight to look at when worn out than trying to resole them. Nonetheless, with some simple tips and techniques in hand, you can resole your shoes quickly. Resoling a shoe would have never been so easy as you will find in the following lines. Plus, your resoled shoes would be more comfortable than when they were purchased new.
How To Resole Shoes
Resoling Shoes
Materials Required
  • File
  • Utility Knife
  • Panel Nails
  • Shoe Repair Cement
  • Soles and Half Soles
  • Clean the soles of your shoes thoroughly. Use soap and water to wash the shoes in case they are extremely dirty. Keep them aside to dry out completely.
  • With the help of a utility knife, cut out the old soles. Be careful while using a utility knife since it is sharp and can hurt your hand while applying pressure on the soles of the shoes.
  • Rough out the bottoms of the shoes from which you have detached the soles, using a file. This will help in attaching the new sole to the shoe perfectly and firmly. 
  • Coat the new soles with shoe repair cement and place each one of them on the base of the respective shoe. Coat the insoles as well with shoe repair cement and secure them back into the shoe.
  • Place the shoes aside to allow the cement to dry out completely.
  • Thereafter, cut out any uneven or protruding edges from the shoes.
  • Smooth out the edges using the file to give you a new pair of shoes from the older one.
Resoling Heels
Materials Required
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • New Heel
  • Shoe-repair Contact Cement
  • Panel Nails
  • Hammer
  • File
  • Using a screwdriver, pull off the old damaged heel.
  • If there are any nails attached, remove them using pliers.
  • Apply shoe-repair contact cement on the top of the heel and secure it in place in the shoe.
  • Hammer five panel nails around the edge of the heel to ensure that it stays in place. Remember to space the nails at a distance of 3/8 inch away from the edge of the heel.
  • Smooth out the edges of the heel using a filer.
  • Allow the contact cement to dry out completely before you slip the heels into your feet.
With these useful tips and techniques, you can squeeze out more mileage from your old favorite pair of shoes. All you need to do is practice resoling and reheeling them to master the repairing method. Good luck with tackling your worn out shoes at home!

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