Is not knowing how to use a can opener keeping you away from the delicious stuff that sits inside it? If yes, then surf through this article and enlighten yourself on using a can opener.

How To Use A Can Opener

Surprisingly, it is quite an annoying situation when you want to eat something for which your senses are craving like anything but you can’t get to it as it’s in a can and you don’t know how to open it. It’s surprising because at the same time it ensues tummy numbing hilarity for the audience that sees you try all kind of things (from digging your fingernails into it to blowing it with a C4) in order to open that can in anticipation of sticking your tongue to the food item. Do you know why? It’s either because you haven’t heard of a can opener or you don’t know how to use it. To those who don’t know what a can opener is, the name makes it pretty clear - it is a device that’s used to open cans. An opener that started from nothing more than a knife now has taken an almost alien-weapon like form which makes it look all the more complicated to use, but actually isn’t. It’s now available as a manual can opener and an electric can opener. Still, if you’re finding it difficult to make your way to the glorious food because you can’t seem to come to terms with the laborious looking can opener, read further to know how to un-can it.
Using A Can Opener
Manual Can Opener
  • Grab the can by its throat, hold it tight and don’t let it slip away no matter how hard it tries to.
  • In the other hand, get hold of the can opener and spread the two handles apart.
  • Place the can opener on top the lid in a way that the wheel on the can opener is on the lip of the can.
  • Then squeeze the two handles together like using a single ended punching machine or a stapler. Doing this will dig the wheel into the lid of the can. Make sure it has stuck tight before proceeding further.
  • Holding onto it tightly, start to rotate the can in a clockwise direction till you reach the point where you first made the dig. Pulling the can opener will open up the lid. If it doesn’t come out, with the help of a fork, remove the lid.
  • You have won! Enjoy digging your teeth into whatever’s in the can.
Electric Can Opener
  • Before plugging in the electric can opener, grab hold of the can tightly.
  • Now plug it in and turn on the switch. Next, lift up the lever of the can opener. Place the can under the cutting wheel and push the lever down until it digs into the lid of the can.
  • Holding the can by the bottom, turn on the can opener and let it do all the dirty work. Keep holding it tight until the cutting is finished.
  • After it’s been cut, the lid will stick to the magnet of the opener and the can will be in your hands, beheaded!
  • Eat whatever is in the can that made you butcher it.
Using a can opener is no brain surgery. The little guidance you needed has been provided for. Go for it!

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