A hero is someone who is made of sterner stuff than the heroes we see in our run-of-the-mill movies. Breeze through this article to know more on the qualities of a hero.

Qualities Of A Hero

The protagonist of a random movie is surrounded by ten goons in a particular scene in the movie. The goons have in their possession the hero’s bike and are challenging the hero to fight them for it. In the flash of an eye, the hero beats up the ten goons and retrieves his bike. Now is he really a hero? If someone were to replicate his reel acts in reality, would he automatically be considered a hero? Fortunately for the whole world, he wouldn’t, and this is mostly because becoming a hero is more than a silly fight with a couple of ‘baddies’. A hero in order to truly be considered as one should prove his mettle. A hero should have what it takes to pass in flying colors the test that can be best described as ‘life as we know it’. Go ahead and read on to know what it takes to become a hero and etch your name in the memories of the people you know and the people who know you. 

Characteristics Of A Hero 

For a hero, courage is as important as a shell is to a tortoise. Without courage, a hero is just as vulnerable as any other man walking down the street. Courage here stands to signify that firmness of the spirit and ‘mettle’ of the soul to stare at danger and trouble right in the eye. Courage here stands to signify the valor it takes to overcome adversities and adversaries. It’s like a soldier rushing into battle knowing well that death awaits him. In all reality, this is what courage is all about!

A hero does not become a hero by simply beating up a thousand goons and riding into the sunset victoriously with his lady love. If this was all it took to become a hero, every other Romeo beating up rivals and stealing away his love in the still of the night can be branded a hero. It really is more than that! Sacrifice is what helps a mere mortal make that journey from a mediocre life to one filled with greatness. Sacrifice, by definition, can be described as the giving up of something highly valued for a purpose of greater importance. Thus, in order to achieve greatness and the status of a hero, it is extremely essential for an individual to sacrifice. 

A hero cannot be considered one, if he possesses a will as bendable as a tube of rubber. A hero truly becomes just that when he exercises his will or determination to come out on top at any cost. Determination can be best described as a hero’s resolve or firmness of purpose to achieve what his heart desires most. It’s all about staying focused and not resting until the task on hand is executed. In life it may not be easy to achieve any given thing, but it is with determination that a man can ultimately achieve what he desires most and turn himself into a champion. 

Conviction here does not refer to a person’s skill at convincing another, but it rather refers to a person’s firm belief in any particular thing. It can refer to an unshakeable way of looking at life and all its variables. In a way, the convictions that a man holds can go a long way in determining if he has what it takes to become a hero. In fact, no man can truly become a hero, if he does not possess conviction that is impenetrable as well as unbending.  

Do you think that a person can make a man out of himself without being dedicated to any particular thing in life? Obviously not! This is because in life in order to enjoy a permanent taste of success it is extremely important to exercise dedication. If you desire to master an instrument, you have got to be dedicated to master it and shouldn’t really rest until you do. True dedication shouldn’t be forced; it in fact is the direct result of true desire. It is this dedication that can help distinguish a man as a hero.

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