Puberty is the stage when boys and girls go through physical maturity. Find out information on the stages of puberty development in males.

Puberty For Boys

All boy and girl experience certain changes in their physical structure as well as their mental frame during the teen years. For boys, this usually takes place between the age of 10 and 14. The age at which the puberty starts depends upon individual to individual. The same holds true for the time required for puberty to end i.e. some may attain maturity in two years, while others may take up to 4 years. During puberty, certain hormones are produced in our body, which cause these changes to occur.
At the time of puberty, the changes which take place in boys include cracking of voice. This implies that there voice becomes deeper. Their muscles develop and chest gets broad. Hairs start growing under arms and on legs and face. In little time, boys require to shave. Moreover, there are biological changes as well, such as the penis and testicles grow bigger and longer. Hair, often called pubic hair, also start growing at the base of the penis. Boys experience erections and even have wet dreams.
Though, on an average, boys experience puberty during the age of 10 to 14, there are chances that some individuals may take longer to mature. This can even stretch up to the age of 20. The onset of puberty usually takes place with testicular enlargement, followed by penile enlargement, growth of pubic hair and a thinning and reddening of the scrotum, that is the testicular area.
Boys grow considerably, in both height and mass, during puberty. The initial growth is seen in the bones of the legs as well as the torso. Besides, arms, shoulders, and hips of the boys also grow significantly. Puberty includes changes, which affect the skeletal, reproductive, muscular, and nearly all other bodily systems.
Changes In Boys During Puberty
Voice change
During puberty in a boy, the boy undergoes changes in his voice. The larynx and the vocal cords grow making the voice seems crack. It is a very natural change, which goes on to change to a deeper masculine voice after the puberty period, is over.
Wet Dreams
Wet dreams are another part of growing up and are a frequent happening during puberty. You may wake up with damp pants and sheets. These are called "wet dreams”, or nocturnal emissions, and are caused by an ejaculation which happens during sleep. You may or may not have a sexual dream for wet dreams to occur.
Involuntary Erections
One more sign of puberty are the spontaneous and unexpected erections. The boy may or may not have a sexual thought to have the erection. It is a sign of maturity and should be taken as a part of development and these unexpected erections are normal and a sign that the body is maturing. As the body grows these involuntary erections would become less frequent.
Breast Enlargement
Breast enlargement is not just a sign of growing up for a girl, and many boys also, may experience it. It can be a swelling of the breasts, like a bump under one of both nipples. The breasts may feel tender and painful. However, there is no need to panic as these symptoms will go after few months and you wouldn’t develop breasts.
Skin also undergoes many changes during puberty. The smooth skin starts to develop oil and begin to sweat more. You may start to get acne and pimples and so a regular care is needed to keep the skin clean and smooth.
Body Size
Generally, the body size starts to grow almost two years after the puberty has started. At this time arms, legs, hands, and feet may grow faster than the rest of the body and you may feel tall and usually lean. However, the size usually depends on the genes and if your parents are tall, usually you would be tall. In addition, many boys worry about their muscles during this time. you need to remember that this phase is transitory and you don’t have to do anything special to gain muscles. A healthy diet and a fit lifestyle is what you need and you would work out just fine.
Sometimes puberty begins a little early and sometimes very late. However it is always better to consult the doctor if the puberty starts as early as 9 or if it hasn’t started by the age of 14.

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