Puberty is the natural transition to adulthood. Read the article below to understand more about puberty in boys.

Stages Of Puberty In Boys

Puberty is the stage of hormonal changes that occur when the body gets the capability to reproduce. So, the body growth rate increases. In boys, testosterone is produced which brings about all the visible signs of puberty. As a result of puberty, boys experience sexual maturation, which is the capability to produce semen from the testes. Puberty may start from the age of nine and extend till eighteen years, but it also varies from person to person and from population to population. The first effects of puberty can be noticed from the increasing lengthening of the arms and legs. This gives boys a ganglyappearance. If the changes due to puberty are not visible, then medical advice must be sought. The gonadotropin- releasing hormones trigger the onset of puberty. Puberty is also dependent on genetic and environmental factors. After puberty, the body is fully developed and capable of fertility. Go through the article below to know more about puberty in boys.
Male Puberty Stages
Boys undergo five stages of puberty. These stages are also known as Tanner stages.
Stage 1: Average Age – 10 Years
  • No growth of vestigial hair. At the age of eleven years, there is growth of vellus hair. These hairs are small and light colored.
  • Though, there are no outside signs, the male hormones become active.
  • Adrechnarchal maturation takes place. This would later lead to androgen production.
  • The penis experiences infrequent erection. 
Stage 2: Average Age – 12 To 13 Years
  • Lightly pigmented sparse hair grows at the base of the penis.
  • There is rapid growth of testicles and scrotum, but it doesn’t increase much.
  • The scrotum becomes red with more frequent erections.
  • There is a change in the body shape and the height also increases. 
Stage 3: Average Age – 13 To 14 Years
  • There is increase in the size of the penis but not the width. Testicles and scrotum also experiences growth.
  • The pubic hair gets darker, curled, and coarser and starts to spread.
  • The body increases in size.
  • There is a slight thickening or breaking of the voice.
  • The increase in height accelerates. The face starts to develop a manly expression. 
Stage 4: Average Age – 14 To 15 Years
  • The length and width of the penis increases. The testicles and scrotum continues its growth.
  • The pubic hair becomes adult like but still stays within the pubic region.
  • Growth of underarm hair. There is a secretion of body odor and some boys may even experience acne. There is an increase of facial hair on the chin and upper lip.
  • The voice gets deeper.
  • Generally, the first ejaculations occur for most boys at this stage. 
Stage 5: Average Age – 16 - 18years
  • The genitals develop adult appearances.
  • The pubic hair is also adult type and spreads into the inner thighs.
  • Full adult body. The muscles also develop.
  • There is increase in facial hair and growth of beard. Boys generally start shaving from this age.
  • There is acceleration in the growth of chest hair.
  •  By the age of eighteen the average adult height is reached. The voice gets thick and mature. The muscle, height, and body continue to develop naturally for a few years afterwards.

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