Illegal immigration is one of the most pressing problems that several developed nations are facing today. Browse through the article to know about the plausible pros and cons of it.

Pros And Cons Of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is defined as the trespassing across the national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the concerned country. The most commonly seen pattern of illegal migration is from countries with low socio-economic level to comparatively developed ones. Although there are a myriad of causes behind it, the primary motivation that plays a major role in illegal immigration is the hope for greater economic opportunities and improved quality of life. Crossing the prohibited borders is not the only way in which the process of illegal immigration is carried out. There are times when a person enters a country legally, but violates the terms and conditions of his visa and passport. If he overstays in the destination country, crossing the legally allowed time frame, it equally accounts for illegal immigration. There are various models which purposefully justify the concept of illegal immigration. At the end of the day, when we look at things, it is all about a person trying to better his life. It is here that compassion and justice intermingle to form a complex concoction, giving rise to a moral question as to who is at fault. Is it the man who left the door open or the man who entered the house without permission? This article focuses on the positive and negative aspects behind illegal immigration.
Advantages Of Illegal Immigration
  • One of the prime advantages that the destination country faces because of illegal immigration is cheap labor. This keeps the economy moving smoothly as the immigrants fill up for the low-wage jobs.
  • Illegal immigration increases the consumer base for the variety of goods and services produced in the country, hence boosting the economy in a big way.
  • Quite often, the illegal immigrants contribute to the social security funds and then do not claim it back. This is add-on revenue for the state economy.
  • It has been observed that illegal immigrants pay sales tax on time and diligently contribute to the revenue model of the country.
  • Illegal immigrants, who are property owners and possess real estate properties, also pay real estate taxes and boost the economy of the state. While purchasing real estate, the immigrants, in turn, generate commissions for agents and brokers.
  • Usually, the illegal immigrants take up properties in depressed locales, where finding tenants is a major difficulty.
  • Illegal immigrants also contribute to mortgage loan profits. The financial and auto insurance loans immensely contribute to the insurer’s profit margins as well as to the country’s income.
  • Since the illegal immigrants enjoy the banking services of the country, they pay interests and dividends to the banks, again strengthening the country’s economy.  
Disadvantages Of Illegal Immigration
  • Due to illegal immigration, the overall population of the country spurts and results in major difficulties. There is overcrowding and increased burden in public places and public transport to name a few.
  • Serious judicial problems arise in case an illegal immigrant commits a crime and escapes the country borders. 
  • There is an increased crime rate among the population as well as increased risk of cases related to human trafficking.
  • It is also seen that illegal immigration results in a burden on tax-based resources, costing taxpayers billions of dollars.
  • Once the illegal immigrants fulfill the demand for cheap labor and low wages, there is a continued demand for it.
  • There is a growing imbalance in the authorized immigration quotas which results in disparity between the legal immigrants who diligently follow every rule and those who don’t and still live together within the aspired territories of a country.
  • The country invests in quite a fortune for illegal immigrant maintenance cost and at the end of the day there is no government reimbursement of the fund.
  • The illegal immigrants may pose a potential threat to the working and middle class citizens.
  • It has been thoroughly observed that those who successfully trespass the border, inspire those who are left behind to tread on the same prohibited path.
  • There is a lingering fear of a gradual imbalance in the ethnic diversity, which can lead to the dominance of one particular language or culture in the society. 

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