The very idea of censorship holds a certain set of distinct advantages and disadvantages. Explore this article for an access to the pros and cons of censorship.

Pros And Cons Of Censorship

Censorship makes for a funny thing. After all, why should we watch a movie or read a book that someone else thinks is okay for us to watch or read. This is what makes censorship as funny as it is, and maybe even a concept that is a little too redundant. When looking at the privileges it offers to society and the privileges it denies, it really is like censorship rocks the baby’s cradle while also constantly pinching him. However, there is more to censorship than meets the eye. Some may choose to call it a necessary evil. Evil is something we’re not sure about, but censorship sure is a necessity. Go right on ahead and engage yourself with the rest of this article that dwells on the pros and cons of censorship. It will help you to decide for yourself if censorship is required or if it is something that society can do away with.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Censorship 

Advantages Of Censorship
  • One of the biggest advantages or pros of censorship is that it keeps religious conflicts at bay, this can hold especially true in a country like India. If the ‘Censor Board’ notices a part of a documentary or a film that can offend a certain community on religious grounds, it will go ahead and cut that part out. This cutting out or censoring helps keep religious conflicts out of reach.
  • Censorship plays a pivotal role when it comes to keeping the secrets of a nation or country a secret. 
  • A country’s army is always full of secrets and the secrets are mostly military. This is when censorship steps into the picture to help maintain secrets of a country’s army. What is to be revealed to the public is revealed and what is not to be revealed is kept a top secret.
  • When a movie or an advertisement is full of actors performing life endangering stunts, a responsible Censor Board will cut out what it deems necessary to cut out. This will prevent people from mindlessly aping their reel-life heroes.
  • Due to the presence of censorship in the world today, it is almost impossible for ideas that are plagiaristic to reach the masses. Don’t you think this is one monster of an advantage?
  • Books and films that can stir up negative emotions and actions amongst the general public, and are usually not allowed to pass through the watchful eyes of the Censor Board.
  • Censorship, believe it or not, actually prevents companies from making tall claims about the products and services they have on offer. If it wasn’t for censorship, almost all of us would have been victims to the marketing gimmicks of companies’ world over.
Disadvantages Of Censorship
  • One of the biggest banes of censorship can be pointed out to the fact that it strangles creativity. With its vice-like grip, censorship makes it almost impossible for the creative types to do full justice to their creativity and ideas.
  • When it comes to sex-related topics, unnecessary cutting out or doing away with makes it difficult for film-makers and even writers to educate children on the dark side of sex.
  • More often than not, the censor board, instead of performing its core functions, travels outside its scope and misuses the power at its disposal. This only makes the very idea of censorship a tad too redundant.
  • Some critics believe they should be allowed to watch and read whatever they want. This belief stands in direct opposition to the government’s take on allowing its people to only see and read what it seems fit for them.
  • Censorship plays a very direct and obvious role in preventing the press from enjoying the freedom that it rightfully should.
  • Going by the standards of being human, everyone deserves to enjoy the right to know. However, censorship at times prevents people from gaining access to knowledge that shouldn’t really be restricted or kept out of bounds.

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