Are you searching for reasons to include alcohol in the party you going to throw? You cannot get more legitimate reasons than these positive effects of alcohol, to include some in your party.

Positive Effects Of Alcohol

Red wine has recently been proved to possess the medicinal properties of countering harmful viruses that attack human body! Due to the increasing popularity of alcoholic beverages in the medical field, parliament is initiating a bill to label alcohol as a medicine! Sounds astonishing, right? Well, we all are aware of the fact that no government will pass a law like that. Now you might be wondering the purpose of these lines in the article. The purpose of such a fantasy is merely to break down some strong notions you happen to possess for alcohol and other spirited beverages. We all have heard stories of excessive alcohol consumption or alcohol abuse by a person causing negative health implications. However, contrary to the popular belief and opinions, the purpose of this article is not to bring forth the ill effects of alcohol and discourage you from consuming it. This write-up will familiarize you with alcohol health benefits. Various medical studies and scientific research have been able to prove that alcohol, if consumed in moderation, can provide certain health benefits as well. Read on further to come across these benefits levied by alcohol consumption. 

Alcohol Health Benefits

  • Moderate consumption of alcohol is considered to be beneficial to health as per hundreds of studies conducted by different countries. The studies bring out result that might please moderate consumers of alcohol. According to these studies, people who take in a sensible quantity of alcohol have lower risk of coronary heart diseases.
  • These studies bring forth that all the three forms of alcohol beer, wine and distilled spirits, all protect from heart diseases only if the quantity is kept under check. Wine is proved to be more protective than the other two forms. The study also emphasises on controlled consumption of alcohol, which if abused, can make a person prone to coronary heart diseases and cancer.
  • Alcohol consumption, especially wine, is said to have a positive impact on blood triglyceride profiles and helps in controlling high blood pressure cases.
  • Reasonable intake of alcohol is also said to defy the affects of insulin resistance and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Alcohol, if consumed as recommended, is also said to reduce the risk of certain form of cancer like lymphoma and kidney cancer.
  • Research conducted also shows that people who consume limited quantity of alcohol are less prone to illness in general and therefore, tend to live longer when compared to people who consume alcohol in excessive.
  • Alcohol being a warm beverage keeps your body warm and is the perfect friend in severe chilling winter nights. Moreover, increase in body temperature with every sip of alcohol also speeds up your metabolism rate, thereby making you feel energetic.
  • Alcohol is also said to be a brain depressant and intake of alcohol in small quantity takes away the feeling of hesitation, caution, self-criticism and restraint, making you a free man in real sense. This effect of alcohol indirectly eradicates anxiety and elevates your mood and positive feelings.
  • Alcohol can also serve the purpose of a stimulus to your heart and skeletal system, which will increase your heart rate and muscular activity thereby making you feel active and energetic. When alcohol runs through your system, it increases the intrinsic adrenaline release in your body that makes you feel active.
  • If consumed within limits and as recommended alcohol is also believed to be an aphrodisiac that instils aggressive sexual behaviour since restraints and inhibitions are all swayed away.
  • Red wine is rich in antioxidants, ingredient needed by the body to purify self. Therefore, consumption of red wine can provide the required amount of antioxidants to the body further providing a healthy and happy life.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not just used for drinking. We are well aware of beer being used as hair conditioner. This property of beer being an excellent hair conditioner adds on to the positive effects of alcohol on humans.
These are some facts about positive effects of alcohol. Now that you know them, think twice before accusing a person of drinking, if he/she is consuming in moderation.

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