A large number of people suffer from problems of the lower back. If you too are facing the trouble & are clueless as how to strengthen your lower back, here’s how you can go about it.

How To Strengthen Lower Back

In today’s fast paced era, it is all work and no rest for many people. Work stress has several far reaching effects on the human body, the first amongst them being a very weak lower back. Many of us sit for long stretches of time in front of our computers or at our desks, seldom remembering that this leads to a bending of the spinal cord. Again, there are many who do not make use of their waists during movement, preferring to use their hips and knees instead. The inactivity of the waist leads to pain in the lower back area. Though exercising is an effective way to cure the lower back, in certain cases the pain and other damage becomes so serious that the spinal cord gets affected beyond repair. Therefore, it is very important to take proper care of your lower back and keep it strong from the very beginning, lest you fall in trap of the pain. Here are a few simple ways to keep the lower back strong.
Strengthening Lower Back
Squat Stretch
In this exercise you will have to hold on to an object which measures as long as the length of the area between your waist and your chest. Holding the object, squat down up to the position in which you feel a stretch in your lower back. Remain in this position for around ten seconds before standing erect again. Continue until you are fully relaxed.
Seal Stretch
To perform this exercise, you will have to lie face down on the floor, with the palm of your hands placed close to the shoulder blades. Now move upwards so that the spinal cord curves inward. Remain in this position for around 12 seconds during which you will feel a tug in your abdomen and hip muscles. Switch to your original position and continue performing the exercise
Hurdler’s Stretch
Sit with your left leg spread out straight in front of you and the right leg spread sideways. Bend down until you feel a stretch at your hamstrings. Remain in this position for not more than 12 seconds before getting up and repeating the same process with the opposite end, until the back muscles feel relaxed. While doing the hurdler’s stretch, avoid stretching your back muscles along with the hamstrings.
Back Extension
This exercise is done to keep the spinal cord erect. Lie flat down with your legs and hands outstretched. Now slowly lift yourself above the ground, with your body weight completely resting on your stomach. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and return to the normal posture slowly. This exercise relaxes three muscles that are spread from the neck to the lower back.
Arm Sweep
Sit down and lift your legs in such a way that the feet are still placed on the ground. Now spread your arms—one straight and another sideways—and make semicircular movements. Make sure that the movements are only in the abdomen area and the legs are in their same position.
Heel Press
Lie down with your back on the ground and your legs resting upward against a wall. Stretch your arms sideways. Now stretch your lower abdomen in such a way that your heel presses hard against the wall. This exercise helps to relax your lower abdomen muscles.
These exercises are very effective in maintaining a strong lower back and also to ease existing pain. But first try to maintain a correct posture while sitting.

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