If you have been wondering on the importance of breakfast, then this write-up should be able to answer your query to a large extent. For more on the importance of breakfast, read on.

Why Breakfast Is Important

If the thought of slurping down a bowl of wheat-grain, skimmed milk and berries early in the morning makes your tummy turn, know that there is nothing like an early-morning power-packed breakfast to kick start your day. Breakfast not only peps you up, but also supercharges your system and gets you on to deal with manic mornings with perfect ease. However, sadly, most people blindly sideline the most important meal of the day by grabbing 10 minutes of extra snooze and checking their emails, etc. Result- fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia and more. Breakfast is the ultimate early morning starter. While it may seem convenient to skip breakfast when in a rush, know that missing your morning meals can plunk your sugar levels gravely and can lead to excessive weight gain over time. After overnight starvation, your body highly depends on breakfast to speed up. Depleting it of food during this time can lead to several unwanted complications. If you have been wondering about the importance of breakfast and what really makes it the most important meal of the day, then scroll down this write-up to learn more.
Importance Of Breakfast
  • An early morning breakfast is fuel to the human brain as is petrol to a car! You cannot expect to budge your car an inch without fuel and the same applies to your body as well. Thus, it is important to fuel it up. Your body’s metabolism slows down after hours of not eating. A healthy, nutritious breakfast loaded with carbs and glycosides not only helps to jump-start your metabolism, but also helps burn down any stashed calories. So what are you waiting for? Get hogging on whole grains and cereals early morning and take on the world head on.
  • Contrary to the most popular food myth, skipping breakfast is no good thing for weight-watchers. Studies have established that people who skip breakfasts are famished by lunchtime and thus they tend to hog on more than usual to catch-up with calories. Starving the system early in the morning propels the body to store extra fat reserves. As a result, they end up piling on more weight than losing any. Eating breakfast not only accelerates the body’s metabolism, but also gets the calories burning.
  • Are you a big-time bed head and find it a pain to drag yourself out of the bed in the morning? If yes, then here is one big reason why you should not miss your whole-grain cereal, berries and skimmed milk. Researchers have shown that people who eat breakfast are more alert and do well than those who miss their breakfast. Breakfast not only helps to boost memory, but also improves retention.
  • Believe it or not, missing breakfast regularly can leave you grumpy and feeling sluggish all day. People who eat breakfast tend to feel good all throughout the day. Breakfast not only kick starts your mornings, but also sets the mood for the rest of the day. So if you hate to feel grouchy all day, resort to a healthy breakfast.
  • No matter how tempted you may be to binge on a sugared doughnut or a slice of a leftover birthday cake, avoid eating anything that is high in sugar the first thing in the morning.  Doing so can slump your blood sugar levels during later hours of the day and get you craving for some sugary snacks to perk up your mood. It doesn’t matter how much rush you are in, always make sure you load your tummy with something that is tasty, nutritious and high on dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.
A healthy and nutritious breakfast is the ultimate answer to a host of health complications, which is why breakfast is deemed as the most important meal of the day.

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