Policosanol, a completely natural dietary supplement also comes with some side effects. Read on to learn more about policosanol side effects.

Policosanol Side Effects

With advancement in medical and health science today there are many natural health supplements available in the market. One such natural nutritional supplement available is ‘policosanol’ also known as ‘octacosanol’ that claims to reduce the effects of cholesterol in a person. The supplement is made up of a mixture of primary aliphatic alcohols like tetracosanol, hexacosanol, nonacosanol, tetratriacontanol, etc. This dietary supplement is said to be derived from the wax secretions of plants like sugarcanes and yams. The supplement is claimed to be completely natural and is said to cure several diseases like ‘Parkinson’s disease’ along with reducing cholesterol. Though it sounds quite effective and flawless, it like any other natural supplement has certain side effects as well. This write up provides you with few ill effects of policosanol and the way it affects the patients undergoing treatment using this natural supplement. Going through the side effects will help you decide whether or not policosanol is suitable for your body.

Ill Effects Of Policosanol


A headache is one of the most common symptoms or side effects of any herbal extract supplement and even prescription medication. When you take policosanol, it is better for you to be aware of the reaction called ‘headache’ that it will cause. In order to gain relief, you can apply a pack of ice on your head or consume green tea to sooth the pain. This side effect will subside naturally as your body gets used to this drug.


Intake of policosanol might also cause insomnia. When you start consuming the drug you might start experiencing difficulty in falling asleep. This side effect is not all that common and will subside within 3 weeks. Nevertheless, if you experience insomnia even after 3 weeks, you should seek medical help.

Weight Loss

Consumption of policosanol also leads to weight loss and there are many people who consume it just to lose weight. This supplement is a very natural way of losing weight as long as you eat the correct diet and exercise on a daily basis.

Dizziness Or Nervousness

Treatment with this natural supplement can also lead to a sensation of dizziness or nervousness in a person. A person might experience dizziness when trying to get up after consuming the supplement and might feel unstable while walking. Patients who experience dizziness during treatment with this supplement should let the phase pass before making any attempt to stand up.

Skin Rashes

Few people might also develop skin rashes after consuming policosanol. In some people the use of this supplement might cause red patches on the skin all over the body. The affected skin region might turn red or turn dry and even itch. There can even be skin swelling or hives that require immediate medical attention in order to prevent further complications.

Signs Of Internal Bleeding

People undergoing treatment using policosanol might also develop internal bleeding as a side effect. One might experiencing black tarry stools, bright-red stools, or even blood vomiting.

Signs Of A Hemorrhagic Stroke

Few patients using this natural supplement might also develop signs of hemorrhagic stroke as a side effect. Signs such as vision or speech alterations, weakness or numbness in the arms or legs and or a severe headache are quite common.

Although natural and quite beneficial for people with high cholesterol, policosanol comes with a set of side effects associated with it. It is therefore very essential for you to consult your doctor before you start medication using this supplement.

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