The specter of breast cancer looms large over every one in eight women in the world. Know more about breast cancer symptoms in this article.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

The number of people diagnosed with cancer is increasing each day. Therefore, in order to know more on breast cancer, it is better to know and understand what cancer is. Cancer is a disease characterized by out-of-control cell growth. It becomes harmful when damaged cells divide uncontrollably to form lumps or masses of tissue called tumors. These tumors can wreak havoc in the body by interfering with the digestive, nervous, and circulatory systems. Breast cancer is caused by abnormal growth of cells in the breast. It affects one in eight women worldwide. It kills more women in the United States than any other cancer except lung cancer. Age increases the risk factor of developing breast cancer. Some of the causes associated with the disease are late child bearing, heredity and exposure to radioactive rays. It is critical to detect the symptoms of breast cancer in time to avoid mastectomy. Breast cancer can also be fatal. The information below lists the symptoms of breast cancer that you must be on the lookout for.

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

  • The first most apparent symptom of breast cancer is the formation of a new lump or mass in the breast that you or your doctor can feel. These lumps are usually painless, hard and have uneven edges. They can cause a prickly sensation too. However, at times, these lumps can be tender, soft and rounded. Breast lumps are visible on a mammogram long before they can be seen or felt.
  • You must look out for any change in the size of the breast. Swelling of a mature breast, especially an abnormal swelling of one breast is the sign of internal growth in milk ducts or lobes. It could be due to normal hormonal changes also. However, if the growth is continuous and not in accordance with your menstrual cycle, then it could be a symptom of breast cancer that you must not overlook.
  • Usually, in the case of breast cancer, the nipples tend to change in shape and size. They can enlarge and become tender or they can develop an indrawn or dimpled look. They may also lose their stiffness and develop an itching or burning sensation apart from developing ulcers. The skin around the nipples may become red and develop rashes as well. This is an early symptom of breast cancer which if diagnosed at this stage can be cured.
  • There can be swelling on the upper arm and in the armpit along with a lump.
  • The skin on the breast may develop rashes and irritation.
  • Generally, breast discharge from the nipples happens between 41and 58 years of age because of hormonal changes. But, if the discharge is more or only from one breast, and is mixed with blood, then in all probability it is a sign of cancer.
  • In the most advanced stages of this disease, there might be symptoms such as bone pain, breast skin ulcers, shortness of breath, drop in appetite or extreme weight loss, frequent bouts of headaches and neurological pain.
The article above elaborated on the symptoms of breast cancer which will be of use to you. Guard yourself from severe complications in future by getting your breasts regularly examined by a physician.

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