Chin pimples can be quite awkward and irritating. Read below to know the chin pimple remedies.

Pimples On Chin

Pimples on the chin are very common and more so among men. What differentiates chin pimples from the rest is that they can be very painful. As such, proper care must be taken so that one doesn’t accidently scratch the zit. In men, chin pimples especially occur when the razor brushes the skin. Those who are adolescent and have sensitive skin are more susceptible to chin pimples. Having oily skin and clogged pores is another reason for the outbreak of pimples. No doubt pimples can be irritating, so the sooner you take measures to treat them, the better it would be. In case you are troubled with a similar problem, help is at hand. The list of home remedies given below can effectively help you get rid of the blot in your chin, leaving it clear and blemish-free. Though it may take a little time, you may rest assured that the remedies will definitely work. And since the remedies do not involve any synthetic products, there is also no danger of any side effects. Scroll down further to know what these simple chin pimple remedies are.

How To Get Rid Of Chin Pimples

  • To get rid of chin pimples, add niacin, vitamin E and vitamin A to your daily diet. These vitamins are known to have a very positive effect on the pimples. Along with the vitamins, you should take 50mg of zinc tablets, three times a day.
  • Dry some orange peel until they are brittle. Then, pound them to powder and make a paste with a little bit of water. Apply it on the chin pimple and allow it to dry. Apply the peel paste till the pimple disappears.
  • The leaves of fenugreek can also act as pimple remedy. Grind the fenugreek leaves in a blender. Add a little bit of water and form a paste. Before going to bed at night, apply the paste on the chin pimple and wash it in the morning, using warm water.
  • Take two cloves of garlic and lightly mash it so that the juice comes out. Gently rub the pulp on the pimple. This will clear up the skin and make the pimple disappear. Make sure that you rub the garlic several times a day. Another way is to eat three small cloves of raw garlic for a month. This will also help in getting rid of the pimple.
  • Regularly apply lemon juice on the chin pimple several times a day. The lemon juice will stop the pimple from growing and also control its intensity.
  • Blend a handful of coriander in a food processor and extract the juice. Take a teaspoon of the coriander juice and mix it with a pinch of turmeric powder. The coriander juice can also be replaced with mint juice. Before going to bed, wash the face thoroughly and apply the mixture on the chin pimple. Wash it in the morning.
  • Grate a cucumber and apply it on the chin pimple. Leave it for twenty five minutes to set. Then wash off. Apply the cucumber pack for a week or two until the cucumber disappears.
  • Don’t irritate the skin around the pimple as it may cause more pimples. Those who shave should do so with care. If the pimple is ruptured, it can leave a scar mark behind.
  • Toothpaste is another good remedy. Make sure that you use chloride-free toothpaste or this chemical can clog the skin pores. Apply the toothpaste on the pimple and let it dry. Then gently wash with warm water.

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