The food served at a party is directly proportionate to the success of a party. Read your way through this article for ideas on catering for different types of parties.

Party Catering Ideas

Everyone likes to attend a party and even let their hair down at a few, However, throwing a party may not be as enjoyable as attending one is. It in fact is as good as a Herculean task to pull off a successful party. The worst part about the whole idea of throwing a party is that no one can actually squeeze themselves out of throwing one. Everyone who is anyone, at some point of time in their lives will have to throw a party for the members of their family and friends or even colleagues. A party can be thrown to celebrate almost anything. It can be thrown to celebrate the birth of a baby, a marriage, a job promotion, or even retirement. However, the cause for partying is not as important as the inputs that go into a successful party, and as far as inputs go, the food served at a party makes for an extremely important one. You just can’t serve anything at a party. This is precisely why it is so crucial to serve food and beverages that are guaranteed to please the palates of your guests. You need to serve foods that do more than just whetting the appetites of your ‘party people’. It’s all about serving the right kind of food. Read on to know more on catering ideas for different types of parties.
Catering Ideas For Parties

Baby Shower
A baby shower is arguably an expecting mother’s most looked-forward-to party before the birth of her child. The party or the baby shower usually only has women in attendance, but is organized by the father. The food at a baby shower is non-fussy, tasty, and convenient to eat. You cannot have a five-course meal at baby shower, because it is simply not done. Fries, chicken wings, pizza bagels, sushi, fruits, cakes, ice-creams, sandwiches, pizzas, chocolate and non-alcoholic beverages are examples of foods that can be served at a baby shower. Alcohol is mostly banned from a baby shower for obvious reasons. The expecting mother is not allowed to consume alcohol. 

Job Promotion And Retirement Parties
Although a job promotion and retirement have nothing in common, the food served at a party celebrating the same does. People who have earned themselves a promotion at work will usually throw a party to celebrate the turn of events in their professional lives. The same goes for people who have decided to ‘hang their gloves’ after years and years of hard work. The food served at these parties will almost be perennial favorites like roasted meat, fried chicken, rice, curries, fruits, pizzas, etc. A job promotion party or a retirement party will also have a lot of alcohol. Free flowing liquor is the way to go here; it is a celebration after all! 

Graduation Parties
Graduation parties are held to celebrate an individual’s graduation from college. Since a student usually graduates during the summer months, a graduation party is mostly held outdoors. The food at a graduation party will have to be very student friendly, read, barbeques and beer. Apart from barbeques and beers, you can serve rice, chicken wings, pork ribs, beans, mashed potatoes, and variety of juices. These are however just traditions, feel free to break away from them with delectable experiments and innovations in the culinary areas of life. 

Pre-Wedding Parties
Pre-wedding parties are held to celebrate the approaching union of a man and his lady. A pre-wedding party will have a lot of relatives and family friends in attendance. The food served at a pre-wedding party is generally home cooked or home styled food. This is exactly why people avoid opting for the services of a caterer or a restaurant when throwing a pre-wedding party. Make it a point to give your guests food that you and your family love and are most familiar with. The foods served can range from anything to an apple pie to a dum biryani.

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