Celebrate the last day of the year in pomp and grandeur. Explore the article below for tips on decorations for the New Year.

New Year's Eve Décor

As the last day of the year, New Year’s Eve calls for a hearty celebration, not only to welcome the New Year but also as a tribute to the year gone by. Start the New Year with joy and nothing is more pleasing than seeing a house that is all decked up for a party. There is no need to splurge, as decorating is quite inexpensive. Another good way is to have themed parties and decorate accordingly. In addition, you can also use the Christmas decorations to a great effect. So, if you are looking towards decorating your house for new year’s eve, then given below are tips on how to go on about it.
Tips On Decorations For The New Year
  • Prepare in advance and decide which room requires the maximum decoration.
  • Make fancy candles and candle holders to set up around the room.
  • Make paper chains and curling ribbons and string it throughout the room.
  • Hang wind chimes on the doorway to charge up the New Year mood.
  • Fill several balloons with sweets and confectionaries using a funnel, which can be popped at midnight.
  • Take several chart papers and draw clouds, stars and snowflakes. Cut these shapes and decorate with glitter and paint. Hang these around the room.
  • Take a thermocol and write ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ and cut the shapes out. Add glue to the sides and sprinkle several colors of glitter. String these with colorful ribbons and hang it on the doorway.
  • Decorate the tables with artificial or natural flowers, placed as a center piece. You can place the flowers in a vase or simply bunch them in the centre of the table. Another excellent decoration is to make paper flowers and glue them to the chairs and tables. Avoid this on furniture upholstery.
  • Hang small Christmas tree lights by stringing them together on cupboards and roofs. Along with each light tie two plastic bells. You can also loop these lights and bell strings around pillars or hang them in door frames.
  • Create flower and ribbon garlands and hang them over the entrance gates, balconies and doors of other rooms.
  • You can also drape metallic streamers by pasting them from the centre of the ceiling to the corners. 
  • Use more of gold, silver, and red colors to heighten the celebratory mood.
  • Use white color tablecloth to give an elegant look to your dining area.
  • Place scented candles around the room, on tabletops and cabinets.
  • Use dim lighting. You can cover the lights in colored paper to give a colorful glow to the house. Dim and colorful lighting also makes the atmosphere cozy.
  • Hang as much of wall hangings as you can, as they add elegance to the house and surrounding areas.

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