Natural appetite suppressant food helps you lose weight, without resorting to painful diets. To know more about best natural appetite suppressants, read on further.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Are you tired of following one diet or the other, for the purpose of losing weight? Do you feel like chucking all the diet books out of the window and start eating the normal food once again? Go ahead, just do it. Now, the question is - how will you lose weight if you do this. The answer is simple, by repressing your appetite and making your metabolism faster. How will you achieve this? By taking route to natural appetite suppressants! Yes, you read it right. There are a number of natural foods that help keep your appetite under check and in turn, make you lose weight easily. To know more about them, just read on.
Best Natural Appetite Suppressants
Tea is considered to be one of the best natural appetite suppressants. You can drink a large cup of tea either before a meal, to make you feel full and eat less, or after a meal, when you feel hungry again. To further cut down on calorie intake, substitute milk with low-fat milk and sugar with artificial sweeteners.
Exercising not only helps you lose weight, by burning the excess fat, but also helps to suppress your appetite. When you exercise, the body releases natural endorphins that repress your hunger. Taking a brisk walk, around 2 hrs before or after having your meal, will keep your appetite under control.
Water, as we all know pretty well, is one of the most common natural appetite suppressants. Drinking a glass of water, before having your meal, will make you feel full soon and result in less intake of food. At the same time, it will increase your metabolism rate and help you burn the calories faster. In winter, you can replace simple water with lukewarm water, added with lemon juice.
Coffee is a very popular natural appetite suppressant, used by majority of those trying to lose weight. Having a large glass of hot or cold coffee, in the morning or afternoon, will help you keep your hunger under check. A glass of coffee can also serve as a substitute for a meal. Make sure to use low-fat milk and artificial sweeteners.
Salad is rich in fiber, which helps make your stomach feel full easily. Having sufficient salad, with low-fat dressing, at the beginning of a meal will make you feel full sooner and thus, limit your food intake. Since salad requires more energy to be digested, you will get rid of the excess calories too.
Having something rich in protein will help you suppress your appetite easily. Protein takes longer to digest and thus, makes you feel full for a long time. At the same time, it leaves your blood sugar level undisturbed and speeds up the process of weight loss.
Green Vegetables

Last, but not the least, you can turn to green vegetables, like lettuce, cabbage and broccoli, for acting as natural appetite suppressant. They are extremely low in calories and require a lot of time and energy to digest. The result, you feel full for a long time and burn large amount of calories in their digestion.

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