Do you wish to modify your surroundings at home? If you do, let’s see if the Moroccan style tickles your fancy.

Moroccan Interior Design

Does your home scream out for a makeover every time you walk in from the hullabaloo of the outside world? Are its interiors too ordinary to suit your atypical yet exquisite tastes? Almost everybody has secretly harboured the fantasy of inviting guests and receiving a myriad complements through covetous eyes. You’re probably nodding your head (albeit coyly) as you read this. In that case, you should consider incorporating the suave Moroccan style to the confines of your dear abode. Apart from being unique and distinct from the rest, your aesthetically revamped residence will be admired for its exotic charm and sultry flair. By redecorating your home - Moroccan style, you are simultaneously resurrecting cultural patterns of the ancient French, Spanish and Arab influences as well! 

There are two variations of Moroccan home decor – ‘urban Moroccan decor’ and ‘rural Moroccan decor’. While ceramics, metal, wood and leather form the crux of the urban design, the rural decor employs rugs, colourful fabrics and bedazzling embroideries- reminiscent of the Middle East culture. Moroccan interiors encompass rich and striking colors, textures and patterns, taunting you to be stuck in a long lasting reverie. The earthy essence it sheds, lends an Arabian desert like appearance, often refreshing for those ambushed by the narrow horizons of the chaotic city life. Besides, the predominant advantage of having a Moroccan style dwelling is that the assorted objects stipulated come in handy for our day to day activities.  

Moroccan Interior Design Ideas

Here are a few good ideas to decorating your home as the Moroccans do.

Paint With Pretty Colors
A Moroccan home is not a Moroccan home until it blinds you with the brightest of colors. The combinations range from mixing red and orange with sea blue or purple with green, to gaudier shades of gold and honeyed yellow. Intense blues were religiously reserved for shutters and windows as a myth revealed that the color would ward off evil spirits. If you don’t believe in the myth, do it for the visual appeal! To acquire the hot desert sensation, warm tones such as reds, pinks and yellows are recommended. Colors named after spices, i.e. cinnamon, paprika, saffron facilitate that desired “spicy and earthly” feel. An accent of pink fuchsia, cobalt blue and lavender might just do the trick! Blend blue with turquoise and aquamarine tones and make a Shangri-La out of your home!
Light Up
Lighting used amidst Moroccan homes stands above the clutter of edifices as innovative and aesthetically breathtaking. Moroccan sconces, chandeliers, hanging pendants, and henna lamps are some of the most popular Moroccan light fixtures used till date. Handcrafted from superior quality Moroccan solid brass, these fixtures come with intricate carvings of enthralling age-old patterns. The Moroccan lamps are made of goat skin and are hung by means of silk cords. Although, a little harsh on your wallets, it’s an investment you won’t regret!
Greenery Reincarnated
To further deceive you and your guests of having landed in Morocco seconds after unlocking your door, you could juxtapose your furniture and appliances with exotic and tropical plants. This will create a new and refreshing ambience and the added touch of greenery will minutely compensate for the manmade scenery we witness outdoors.
Texture and Fabric Galore
The presence of too many sleek objects might interfere with the authentic Moroccan style look. Excessive utilization of textures is a common Moroccan trend. Draperies from the ceiling and darkened wood plank floors, topped with natural fiber rugs (to make barefoot trotting comfortable) add great texture. Colorful and rustic mosaic tables redefine and brighten up your room. To achieve the rustic look, re-plaster your wall with a well textured finish or mix a bit of sand in your paint for added roughness. Floaty gossamer curtains enhance the Moroccan look. Constructing distinct jali screens in windows and kitchen cabinet doors would maintain the Moroccan authenticity. They are crafty wood lattice screens instantly identified as Moroccan. Also, Moroccan lounge tents in your own backyard. With silk bed and cushion covers add the icing to the exotic Moroccan cake that could be your own house!
Tiles, Furniture and Accessories
Moorish styled floorings generally consist of simple Spanish terracotta tiles! Select a random assortment of these tiles based on varying sizes and colors (blues, greens or turquoise). Stick to ornate wrought iron material for your furniture to sustain the Moroccan theme. Cedar moucharabi and ebony-stained pine furniture is typically Moroccan. Plunge your nostrils into divine scents of rose and enchanting aromas of lamb and apricots. Decorative wall art, rustic Moroccan pottery glazed in stunning colors, silver and brass tea sets all converge to form the most exotic of Moroccan Homes!

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