Mood swings during pregnancy is a very common symptom and knowing how to deal will only ease your anxiety. To know more on how to handle mood swings during pregnancy, read on.

Mood Swings During Pregnancy

The big fat news of pregnancy is often greeted with great deal of enthusiasm and joy by would-be parents, who are often naive to the not-oft-discussed sidekicks of pregnancy. Thus, it shouldn’t be a surprise if a sudden surge of topsy-turvy emotions gets an expectant mom nervy and edgy, much to the horror and bewilderment of her husband. Mood swing is a fairly common symptom that affects most pregnant females and replaces the initial euphoria with an ulterior feeling of dejection and despair. So what triggers this sudden swing of mood in pregnant women? Well, perhaps the most comfortable explanation for this toppled state of affairs is seen as the raging hormones in women’s body that often dunk her spirits down, making her feel down and low. The good news is that, it is absolutely normal to feel blue during the initial phase of pregnancy, a feeling that gradually subsides towards the end of the term. Estrogen and progesterone, the two sex hormones, wreak havoc on the neurotransmitters during this stage, making one feel down in the dumps always. Although this symptom is hard to evade, a little understanding and consideration can help you deal with the stressful time better. To know more on how to deal with mood swings during pregnancy, read on.
How To Deal With Mood Swings During Pregnancy
De-Stress Yourself
Pregnancy can leave you overwhelmed and besieged. The best way to beat this pre-partum blue is to never overstress yourself. Agreed that the initial enthusiasm and apprehensions can get you to break your bones on designing the nursery, packing in toys and clothes and even slogging in extra hours in office, before going on maternity leave, but you need to understand that pushing yourself too much will only stress you and add to your misery. Plan wise and take thing slowly.
Never allow frustration or resentment to build up. Always find healthy ways to unwind your stress. It’s important to sleep well, eat well and have loads of fun to keep the stress at bay. You can take up pregnancy yoga class, practice meditation or other relaxation techniques, or consult a professional counselor to ease your stress and have a happy pregnancy. This will save your nerves from getting strained all the while and keep you feeling good all through.
Feel Good Activities
Pregnancy can be very stressful and thus it is doubly important to keep one’s spirits high by indulging in ‘feel-good’ activities. Pick up a hobby or just pamper yourself with good food, good read or even a good warm massage. Curling up for a nap is an equally great way to wake up to a better mood. Whatever you choose, make sure you are not feeling downtrodden. A happy you would mean a happy child. So, indulge in everything that brings a chuckle on your face and be happy.
Share Your Feelings
It would help to share your concerns about your future with your family and friends. Pouring your heart out would not just relieve you off your concern; but it will also give you a better understanding of the issue. Talk to your partner, express your concerns and allow him to express his own too. This will not only leave you with a better control over your anxiety, it will also boost your relationship.
Cuddle Up With Your Partner
The sudden surge of emotions can leave your partner quite bewildered and feeling alienated. The cue is to bond with your partner and reassure him of your feelings. This will help him to deal with your outbursts kindly. Take out time to bond over quality hours with your partner. Go on a vacation or just hit the malls or even join together for a small walk. This will help both you and your partner feel excited about the coming of the new life. 

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