2008 Mercedes Benz CL-Class exemplifies luxury and elegance. With this review, check out the features of all the models of Mercedes Benz CL-Class 2008.

Mercedes Benz CL-Class 2008

Mercedes Benz CL-Class promises to offer the consumers a classy package of high performance and maximum luxury. Expensive and exclusive, CL-Class represents the eight generation of cars in the range of long coupes by Mercedes, which express utmost comfort and sumptuousness. The 2008 series qualifies as colossal, in terms of size, weight, and horsepower. It exemplifies the terms - sumptuous, sexy, stylish and technically advanced, and comes with outstanding all-around driving capabilities.
Mercedes Benz CL-Class 2008
The principal distinction between Mercedes Benz CL-Class models is the engine used in them. While a 5.5 liter V8 engine powers the CL550, CL600 is driven by 5.5 liter V12. Talking about the high-range models, Mercedes Benz CL 63AMG and CL65 AMG come to the scene. Both the cars flaunt high performance engines, with greater horsepower. While CL63 AMG gives 525 PS power at 6800 rpm, using a 6.3 liter V8 engine, CL65 AMG is driven by 6.0 liter V12 twin turbo engine, which generates 612 PS power at 4800 rpm.
Design & Interiors
All the variants of Mercedes Benz CL-Class 2008 have a definite distinctive feature. CL 500 or 550 has a sportier look, with high receptive quality, whereas CL600 is more luxurious, with a smoother ride. CL63 AMG is one of the rarest models, CL65 AMG, on the other hand, is the most powerful CL model till now. Some additional features in Mercedes Benz CL600 are remote start, nighttime vision assist and ventilated front seats, with bolsters that automatically inflate to increase passenger support and comfort during speedy drives.
Mercedes Benz CL 63AMG and CL65 AMG boast of sport-tuned suspension and 20" wheels, with high performance brakes. Both CL550 and CL600 come with regular features, like power/heated leather seats, sunroof, power doors and trunk, park assist, 18" alloy wheels, navigation system and a Harman Kardon premium audio system, with 6 discs CD/DVD changer. Satellite radio and Bluetooth are also featured in the models. All in all, you can be assured of the best looks and facilities in the car.
Ride & Handling
Mercedes-Benz CL-Class ensures smooth cruise on highways as well as city roads. All the models of the car have been equipped with 4-link suspension on the front and a 4-link suspension on the rear. The fine-tuned front and rear suspensions come equipped with an integral support frame and an anti-dive control system, which offer great agility to the automobile.
Mercedes-Benz CL-Class models are fully packed with the latest safety features, to ensure smooth ride and total comfort to all its passengers. Some of the safety features of the coupe include Active Body Control (ABC), Brake Assist System (BAS), Cruise control with variable speed limiter, Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and adaptive brake with hold function and hill start assist.
Variants, Price & Color
Mercedes Benz CL-Class boasts of four models, namely CL500 (referred to as CL550 in America), CL600, CL63 AMG and CL65 AMG. Each of the models has a unique engine choice and the models have been priced between Rs 1.2 Crore and Rs 1.6 Crore. The automobile is available in a number of colors, including Arctic White and metallic colors such as Alubeam, Barolo Red, Capri Blue, Designo Graphite, Designo Mocha Black, Designo Mystic White, Iridium Silver, Jade Green, Majestic Black, Pewter and Titanium Grey.
Technical Specifications 

Body Type
Number Of Doors
Seating Capacity
4 persons
Fuel Capacity
90 liters
199.4 inches
73.7 inches
55.8 inches
116.3 inches
Ground Clearance
Minimum Turning Radius
5.8 m
Kerb Weight
1995 kg (CL 500)
2185 kg (CL 600)
2085 KG (CL 63 AMG)
2240 KG (CL 65 AMG)
5.5L V8 engine (CL 500)
5.5L V12 engine (CL 600)
6.3L V8 engine (CL 63)
6.0L V12 engine (CL 65)
Number of Cylinders
8 (CL 500 & CL 63 AMG)
12 (CL 600 & CL 65 AMG)
5461 cc (CL 500)
5513 cc (CL 600)
6208 cc (CL 63 AMG)
5980 cc (CL 65 AMG)
7G-TRONIC (CL 500)
5-speed automatic transmission (CL 600)
AMG SPEEDSHIFT 5-speed automatic transmission (CL 65 AMG)
Max. Power
388 PS @ 6000 rpm (CL 500)
517 PS @ 5000 rpm (CL 600)
525 PS @ 6800 rpm (CL 63 AMG)
612 PS @ 4800 rpm (CL 65 AMG)
Max. Torque
530 Nm @ 2800 rpm (CL 500)
830 Nm @ 1900 rpm (CL 600)
630 Nm @ 5200 rpm (CL 63 AMG)
1000 Nm @ 2000-4000 rpm (CL 65 AMG)
Front Suspension
Active Body Control (ABC)
Rear Suspension
Active Body Control (ABC)
Internally ventilated Discs (CL 500 & CL 600)
Composite disc brakes, internally ventilated and perforated (CL 63 AMG & CL 65 AMG)
Internally ventilated Discs (CL 500 & CL 600)
Composite disc brakes, internally ventilated and perforated (CL 63 AMG & CL 65 AMG)
Steering Type
Rack & pinion speed-sens steering
Tyre Size
235/55 R 17 W (CL 500)
255/45 R 18 Y (CL 600)
275/40 R 19 Y (CL 63 AMG)
275/35 R 20 Y (CL 65 AMG)

Mercedes Benz CL-Class 2008  
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