Ever tried spicing up Vodka with Jello shots? Read this recipe here that instructs how to make Jell-O shots with Vodka.

Jello Shots With Vodka Recipe

Ever had your Vodka spiced up with Jello / Jell-O shots? No? Then, here is one open-ended recipe of Jello shot jammed with Vodka just for you! It is only waiting for your personal pinch of creativity or imagination. Pick the Jell-O flavor you like, change the hue by adding tiny drops of food color and chop out interesting Jello shapes with cookie cutters. Next pour the concoction into molds or opt to have it with gin and rum. With this particular Jello Shots with Vodka recipe, you can only go the right way. Make it and watch your friends falling in love with it.    
How To Make Jello Shots With Vodka
Recipe 1
Things You Will Need
  • 3 ounce Jell-O (in any flavor of your choice)
  • 6 ounce Water
  • 6 ounce Vodka 
Please follow the steps mentioned below one by one. 
  • Empty the gelatin into a bowl or any other container.
  • The second step will need you to add boiling water and at the same time, stir the gelatin, until the gelatin melts down completely and mixes well.
  • Refrigerate the concoction until it cools down.
  • Drain into shot glasses, molds or a baking pan for a sheet of Jello to cut up once set.
  • Refrigerate till the liquid sets. Minimum refrigeration time is about two hours, but refrigeration overnight is normally suggested.
  • Serve cold. 
Recipe 2
Things You Will Need
  • 8 ounces (1 cup) Boiling Water
  • 3 oz. package Jello Gelatin
  • 3 ounces Cold Water  
  • 6 ounces (3/4 cup) Chilled Alcohol 
  • First of all, you need to pour water in a pan and place it on flame.
  • After the water comes to a rolling boil, remove the pan from heat.
  • Pour boiling water in a mixing bowl and add gelatin. Keep on stirring the water till the time gelatin gets dissolved completely.
  • Add water to the dissolved gelatin, followed by alcohol, and mix well.
  • Get a few cups/ shot glasses and spray their inside with cooking spray. This way, the Jello will easily slide out of them during use.
  • Pour the Jello mixture into the cups/ shot glasses, individual shot-size being 1oz-2oz.
  • Place the cups/ shot glasses in the refrigerator (not the freezer) and allow to chill till they become firm. Refrigerate until served. 
Alcohol Proportion
You will have to decide the alcohol proportion to cold water, in the Jello shots, depending upon the proof of alcohol you use. Generally, the following proportions are made use of:
  • 13 ounces of 30-50 (~20%) proof alcohol to 3 ounces cold water
  • 10 ounces 80-100 (~45%) proof alcohol to 6 ounces cold water
  • 6 ounces 150-200 proof alcohol to 10 ounces cold water 
Some Tips 
  • An ounce is a unit of weight equal to equal to 437.5 grains / 1/16th pound. So, you can adjust the measurements accordingly.
  • While making Jello shots, chill alcohol at least one hour before. Keep it in the refrigerator, not freezer. Otherwise, the alcohol might freeze and result in breaking of the bottle.
  • Rather than cups/ shot glasses, you can make use of paper cups for chilling the Jello. This is because the latter can be squeezed easily, forcing the Jello into your mouth.

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