We realize how much we love someone only when we lose him/her. Very often, when a wife walks out on a man, he is determined to win her back. Follow this article for a few good tips on how to do so.

How To Win Back Your Wife

You can’t cure an ailment without tracing its source. Likewise, you cannot salvage a broken marriage without detecting the actual reason behind the failure. Several times, a husband holds solid grounds for filing a divorce and on other occasions, he is the victim of tragedy as his betrothed walks out the door. Nevertheless, one shouldn’t lose hope as frayed matrimony, just like dilapidated houses, can be repaired! Except that unlike houses and buildings, fixing a marriage doesn’t entail unfathomable amounts of concrete! Your wife is your golden trophy! Don’t let go of her just for a minor fight. Irrespective of how much fury she cooked up inside your system, bear in mind, the two of you wouldn’t have exchanged vows at the altar if not for love. If you loved her then, what’s different now? It is common that overtime; we take our spouses for granted and pay heed to our personal needs only. However, that strongly defies the covenant of marriage. Marriage is about give and take. Empathize with your wife. Put her on the pedestal when she most needs it. If you still believe that the love is true, don’t let the divorce bog you down. Keep reading and exploit the given tips to winning back your wife.
Winning Back Your Wife 
To gain back the respect your wife once had for you, is the key to winning her back as a whole. You cannot solve issues that have built up over years in one night. It takes commendable patience and praiseworthy effort. Women are, no doubt, difficult to crack. Husbands are often confused and fail in complying with their subtle requests. Yes, it is difficult to read through a woman’s mind. However, if you really love her, it’s worth the chase!  
Compromise lays the foundation of practically every relationship. The inability to compromise one’s needs for the other opens the doorway for failure. You have to learn how to make sacrifices and swallow your pride in order to save what probably is your most precious belonging! Sometimes your wife might’ve gone overboard with house rules and restrictions. In such a case, therapy would be a good option. Sort things out verbally like two fine mature adults, until you finally reach a level of mutual understanding.
Words Of Affirmation
It is mandatory that you affirm your love and trust in her a hundred times over without sounding like a jerk. Words are often empty and to prove that yours are as heartfelt as Richard Gere's in 'Pretty Woman' or Leonardo DiCaprio's in 'Romeo & Juliet', don’t bombard her with lavish compliments, as that might annoy her after a certain point and she won’t take your words seriously. Be sincere and affirmative. Expound your true innermost feelings by using beautiful words that will most definitely strike the heart. Try not to be too pleading. That will only put her off! However, promise that you will always be there for her through thick and thin. Mean it when you say it!
Quit The Vices!
Do you have to guzzle down four and a half glasses of scotch before you hit the sack? Are you the reason why your abode reeks of tobacco every second of every day? Have you been snooping into the computer behind your wife’s back to feast your eyes on the latest pornography film? All this three instances (primarily the last) account for a glitch in every marriage. Resorting to pornography only devalues a woman and makes her feel inadequate. Get rid of these vices to be more appealing in your wife’s eyes.
Gifts & Quality Time
Shower her with all her favorite things! Chocolates, flowers, clothes and diamond rings! Once again, there’s no need to go overboard as she will react negatively. Try keeping aside quality time for her. Even if you have the most awaited football match scheduled for the night, ignore it! The match lasts for a night, your marriage for a lifetime! Let her know your willingness to connect and contribute to the relationship.
Acts of Kindness
So she needs you to run a little errand. Perhaps go fetch a bottle of milk. Don’t hesitate. Be cooperative. Even if the errand doesn’t benefit, the smile triggered by your act of loving kindness will reward you with infinite joy. Never neglect her pleas for help, if you wish to make your marriage last. In fact, you cannot expect your wife to reciprocate warm feelings and help you out, if you toss her in the backseat of your life long journey.
Be yourself and let her know how much you care. You have made a mistake by losing your wife and winning her back is not going to be a piece of cake. You shall learn through trial and error. Hope the tips mentioned above do help you succeed in your mission and resurrect your marriage.

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