How to teach your child not to be selfish is an important query that has often been asked by parents and guardians. Read on to know about ways for teaching your child to avoid selfishness in life.

How To Teach Your Child Not To Be Selfish

In every sphere of life one can very well see displays of egotistic nature of the human race. Although there has been immense development in the cultural and social spheres of the society, the evolution and progress in the personal character of human beings have always been in question. The frequent display of insensitivity in the human nature is what blocking the society from complete and absolute progress. The crudeness and bluntness with which people operate sometimes become even shocking to one’s own self. Although an inherent nature, such emotions can be curbed to some extent by adopting certain values and ideals. This is especially possible when one starts from a very young age as this is the time when the young mind can be molded into any form and shape. For your help, we have provided some useful information on how to teach your child not to be selfish in life.
Teaching Children Not To Be Selfish
Make Them Confident, Not Over-Confident
Boosting up the confidence and moral of a child is very essential as this will enhance the performance level. However, one should know when to draw the line as sometimes overconfidence can pave the way to selfishness and the development of a big ego. This could, in fact, hamper the child in the long run ruining his friendship and relationship with others. Let the child know that he is good, no doubt, but he can be a lot better by working harder. Also, teach the child the importance of valuing and respecting the strength and capacity of others. Try to inculcate the values of respect and reverence in the child and remind him to thank and congratulate others whenever possible.
Ensure Proper Communication
Proper communication is a vital step in curbing any selfish thoughts and motives in a child. Using examples and instances, give a brief explanation about the importance of avoiding self-centered and egotistic thoughts. If such virtues are ingrained in the child from a very tender age, he will definitely avoid developing a big ego in life.
Tighten Rewarding System
Avoid giving rewards to your child at the slightest possibility. Even if you do, make the child fully aware of the fact, that you or your family are not under any kind of obligation to reward him. Many parents go out of their way to show their children that they fulfill all their expectations. Getting good grades in school or being part of a good play team is a great way to shape up one’s career but it is equally vital to make the child aware of the realities of life. They should be made aware of the fact that every time they perform in life, it is not essential to receive an incentive or a raise in their credentials. If they are not, this may lead to depression and selfish motives later in life.
Teach Importance Of Sharing
Teach the importance of sharing and educate them that it is vital to inculcate such virtues in life. This practice can be started from home where you can ask them to give away anything of their own to the poor and the needy. A great way to start is by asking them to go through all their clothes and materials in their closet and give away anything that they don’t need to the deprived and the disadvantaged. Small gestures matter a lot and you can ask them to craft festive and birthday cards for others at home. Overall, make them realize that they are doing a noble and good thing by caring for others.

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