Do you want to know how to take care of a lawn? If yes, plough through this article to learn a few lawn care tips.

How To Take Care Of Lawn

A well maintained lawn, apart from being a feast to the eyes, also serves as a great milieu for picnics, eat-outs, get-togethers and other fun activities, especially during summers. A beautiful lush green lawn is indeed a sight to behold. It is that space around your house if well taken care of can be the envy of your neighbors and even the talk of your neighborhood. A lawn, therefore, is a visual addition to your abode. However, a space as aesthetic as a lawn, needs to be taken care of well. The hard work required to take care of a lawn can appear too hard to handle. Nevertheless, with the right savoir faire, this can actually be an easy task to pull off. There are different ways of taking care of a lawn. Mentioned below are a few lawn care tips that will help you in your undertaking. Read on to learn more about them.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Lawn

Establishing Your Lawn

The first step towards taking care of your lawn is to establish it. There are many ways in which you can establish your lawn, depending on the condition your lawn is in. If your lawn is an old one and requires re-establishment, you will have to only aerate or add some more seeds. You can make use of an aerator to provide the soil with more air. You can then spread new seeds after aeration, but this time your lawn will require extra care. On the other hand, if you have to set up a new lawn the process is more or less similar. The only difference being you will have to chalk out a plan in case of a new lawn. You will have to decide which part of your space needs to be covered with grass, and which part of the space needs to have concrete etc. You will also need more seeds to set up a new lawn.  

Feeding Your Lawn

One of the most important aspects of lawn care is to provide enough and right nutrients to the grass in order to keep it as green and verdant.  You might have to use starter fertilizers during the initial stages of establishing a lawn which will help the seeds to germinate quickly and cover the area easily. However, you will have to change the fertilizer once the area is covered with grass. In general, a lawn requires only four fertilizer applications in a year. Nevertheless, make sure not to use too much of fertilizer, because excess of fertilizers will make the lawn predisposed to fungal growth.


Grass, like other plants, can’t survive without adequate water supply. Your lawn requires water in order to grow and stay healthy. Watering takes care of the major portion of lawn care routine. It is advisable to use automatic sprinklers to water your lawn instead of doing it manually. Using automatic sprinklers will not only save enough water and time, but will also make sure that your grass gets water evenly.

Controlling Weeds

It is quite annoying and depressing to see a lawn that has been attacked by weeds. These stray shrubs can rob away essential nutrients from the soil and will lead to the decay of the lawn. You can remove the weeds manually, but this process will work only as a temporary relief, therefore you will have to use weed killers to get rid of the problem for good.

Trimming Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn is an essential step to be taken in order to keep your lawn neat and away from weeds. Mow your lawn whenever the grass grows too long. Make sure to set the mower at the right height to prevent scraping of your lawn thereby damaging it. Mowing will also help the grass grow better as it trims off dead grass blades and allows the rest of the grass to get enough sunlight.

Use A Mulching Mower

Make use of a mulching mower which has specialized cutters. The sealed decks of these cutters are sharp enough to cut and re-cut the blades of grass until they return to the lawn as a fine pulverized powder. This powder is rich in nitrogen and provides half the food required by the grass in a season.

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