Instead of screaming and running after your pesky little brother because of the prank he played, read on to know how to remove gum from hair.

How To Remove Gum Stuck In Hair

Some people just cannot grow up at all, irrespective of having passed out of university or having joined a job. After having finished with a wad of chewing gum, they stick it anywhere they can find – on the underside of chairs, on walls and so on. What they forget is that this gum could get stuck in someone’s hair. Or, maybe, that is what they want! So the gum does get stuck in your hair and refuses to come out. You struggle to get rid of it, even as you try not to use cuss words against the unknown show spoiler but you find that the more you try to remove it, the more hair you lose. There should definitely be a better way to get rid of gum in your hair, don’t you feel so? Well, do not be afraid, because there is not one but at least three ways to get rid of the gum stuck in your hair. Here are ways to get gum out of your hair.
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Getting Rid Of Gum From Hair 
Here’s what to do when you have gum in your hair that refuses to come out:
You must, to begin with, isolate the strands of hair that have gum stuck on them so that more hair strands do not get entangled. If you do not do this, there will soon be a whole mass of hair stuck into this gum and you will struggle much more to get it out, no matter how much you try. Tie a scrunchy or a thick rubber band to it so that it does not stick to other strands of hair.
Ice, Ice, Baby 
Break about three to four ice cubes, and place them inside a zip-lock pouch and zip the pouch. Hold this ice pack against the gum stuck in your hair; you could wear baking gloves or oven mittens so that your hands do not turn numb. You will have to hold the ice pack for at least twenty minutes. This will freeze gum and make it easy to remove. Try to remove the large pieces but remember not to tug too hard or the hair too will come out. If the gum begins to stretch, which signifies that it had thawed, you may have to freeze it again the same way.
Heat It Up 
It is best to keep a straightening iron ready at home even if you may not use it too often. You could also go to the salon for it; just make sure you cover your head with a veil to save yourself the embarrassment! Squeeze out a generous dollop of your favorite conditioner and apply it all over the gum stuck in your hair. Set the straightening iron’s strength set at low. Moisten a thick tissue paper with water and fold it over the strands of hair that have been affected. Now, very carefully press the iron over the tissue paper, without burning your fingers. Apply as much pressure as you can without causing the hair to be damaged. Now, remove the iron and, holding the tissue firmly over the hair, pull the hair out of the paper. The paper will pull the gum out with it.
Oil It Out! 
Apply canola oil, olive oil or even almond oil over the strands of hair with gum stuck on them and leave it on for twenty minutes or so. After that, get a fine toothed comb, especially if your hair is fine and comb out the gum with it. If your hair is thick or wavy, you could use a standard comb, as your hair is not too vulnerable. The oil will cause the gum to slide out of the hair easily. For gum that is strongly stuck to the hair, repeat this process a number of times or apply more oil. When you have removed all the pieces of the gum, wash off the oil with your normal shampoo. 

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