Child abuse is an ugly reality in the present day world. The following practical steps will help you keep your children safe.

How To Prevent Child Abuse

A child is said to be sexually abused when an adult or older child uses the child to gratify his/ her own sexual desires in any way, not limited to direct sexual intercourse. Child abuse has been called the most unreported of all crimes because they are cloaked in a great deal of secrecy. Despite this secrecy, the number of reported cases of child abuse around the world has been spiraling upward in the recent decades. In the year 2001, a report stated that approximately 40 million children were being molested every year. And, the worst realities are that most abusers were those whom the children knew and trusted. Given this scenario, it is imperative to protect your child and prevent child abuse. Read on the following pointers to know how to keep your child safe and prevent child abuse.
Preventing Child Abuse
Get The Right Baby-Sitter 
The first step you need to take to prevent child abuse is to avoid situations that leave your child vulnerable to predators. Always be on guard as to who is around your child. If you are hiring a baby-sitter, ensure that the person you hire is not someone who prefers the company of children to the company of those who are their own age group.
Give Your Child Privacy 
There are often cases where children double up in beds to save space, especially when there are huge gatherings. This is a situation that could lead to a child getting abused. Give your child privacy and avoid making your child share his/her bed or room with adults or teenagers.
Instruct Your Child About The Danger 
There are many people who do not wish to face the reality of child abuse. Pretending that the problem does not exist, or that your child is too young to be warned about the dangers, are both ideas that would make your child more vulnerable. A child who is not forewarned about the dangers of abuse is a soft target for a pedophile. It is easy to warn your children about strangers who might harm them. Considering the fact that most molesters are friends or relatives, it is a very difficult task to teach them to protect themselves from the people they know, love, and respect. Nevertheless, it can be done.
Teach Them To Follow Their Instincts 
Children may not know all the technical terms. However, they have an inbuilt instinct when something wrong is done and a very strong sense of what is wrong and what is proper. Teaching a child to follow his/ her instincts and say a firm “No” to an abuser, could prove to be very effective.
Help Your Child With Practical Instruction 
This is often called the “What if…?” game. Periodically, you could ask your child questions such as “What if someone touched you in a way that you didn’t like?” “What if the baby-sitter said you could stay up late and watch television if you got into the bath tub with him and played secret games?” Questions such as these can help your child explore different scenarios.

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