Making a scarecrow can be pure fun for children. Explore the article to know more about making a scarecrow for your garden.

How To Make A Scarecrow

A scarecrow is supposed to be just a dummy for scaring away crows from the fields but they emerged as the whole representation of mystery and super naturalism in popular culture gradually. It is the films and fictions such as Hardy boys, which gave the scarecrow the present status. A scarecrow standing in a dark field in the night can be a horror-inspiring element for both kids and adults. Now, the age in which people saw it as just a thing to scare away crows is gone and people dress them up in every possible fashion even to welcomes guest to a holiday party arranged in a local farmhouse. Traditionally scarecrows were fixed in gardens to keep unwanted wild birds away from the crop. Making a scarecrow is not a very difficult job if you are somebody who is interested in crafts. Read on the article to know how to make a scarecrow.
Making A Scarecrow 
Requirements For Making A Scarecrow 
  • Wooden handled broom with straw bristles
  • Hammer
  • One or two nails
  • 1x1 piece of lumber 4 feet long
  • A pencil, ruler (or measuring tape)
  • Baggy long sleeved shirt
  • Stuffing, spool of raffia (or rope)
  • 5 Sturdy rubber bands
  • Straw hat
  • Sunglasses and a pipe. 
  • You need to place the broom upright with the bristles pointing up. The bristles need to act as the hair of the scarecrow. Then you have to measure using the ruler inches down from where the head of the broom joins with the handle, which is made up of wood. You shouldn’t forget to mark this spot.
  • With the help of a ruler and a piece of lumber, measure the centre of the wood and mark this spot with the pencil. Attach the piece of lumber by using the hammer and nails across the broom handle at each measured spot, which is marked by the pencil or colors. The wood piece act as the arms and hammering it at an angle will give a more impulsive look to the scarecrow.
  • Take the long sleeved baggy shirt and dress up the scarecrow in it. Make sure that all the buttons are fastened. You can also choose a baggy sweatshirt for this purpose. Then stuff the arms and torso part of the shirt to the desired thickness. After finishing with it, close the ends of the shirtsleeves and bottom of the torso with the rubber bands or any other hard ribbons to prevent the stuffing from falling out. Make a loop around the waste as a belt by using a rope or the raffia. Then you need to place the gloves on the ends of the arms holding them on with the rope or raffia.
  • Fix the sunglasses or funny eyes directly into the bristles of the broom. This is supposed to act as the face of the scarecrow; therefore, the glasses with the nose attached would work well. Stick the pipe directly into the bristles of the broom at angle about three inches below its ‘supposed’ eyes.
  • Insert the pipe carefully by taking the scarecrow’s eyes in consideration. Place the straw hat on top of the bristles [face] as slightly tilted toward its back or to the side. Make the scarecrow stand up by sticking the broomstick directly into the ground. Fashioning the end of the handle into a point is not necessary but you can do it if you wish.

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