Rightly said, you cannot find true love unless you love yourself. Learn to value and love yourself by going through the tips enlisted in this article.

How To Learn To Love Yourself

Remember Whitney Houston’s popular song “learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all”? Very true, isn’t it? There is, apparently, no relationship more real and valuable in the world than the one you have with yourself. Love is an unconditional need demanded and required by each one of us. But how is it possible to find love in others when we can’t love our own self? And when we are at our worst, we consider ourselves to be our own worst enemy, often called out by names, like “Stupid”, “Jerk”, or “Loser”. However, you need to understand that this isn’t the right way to treat yourself. Though it seems to be a very difficult task, learning to love yourself is not an impossible job. So, roll up your sleeves and sweep that guilt and hatred attitude away. Find ways to learn to love yourself by glancing through the tips listed herein. Take a look!
Learning To Love Yourself
Accept Your Personality
Your life has not ended yet. You still have plenty of years to live. Hence, it’s never too late to improve or develop yourself throughout your life. However, it is best if you accept yourself for whom you are. Be happy and celebrate your unique qualities and characteristics. After all, you are a unique individual created from God’s own hands.
Be Happy With Your Body Size
Both men and women are often too conscious about their physical appearance, especially when they see a well-toned and figured person crossing their way. In case of women, some feel that their breasts are just too small, while there are others who feel they have heavy butt. Men, on the other hand, feel inferior to those who are well built or have a great muscular body. For all such gentlemen and ladies, remember that we are not produced from a single factory. Each one of us is different; hence, it is better if you accept, or rather love, your physical appearance.
Built Confidence
No person is born with natural confidence. It is the upbringing and your surroundings that help you develop poise and self-confidence. Children who are taught to become self independent from an early age have greater level of confidence than those who look up to their parents for every knick and knack. Start revealing a positive attitude and a feeling of self assurance and see how confidence comes natural to you in no time.
Find Out Your Good Qualities And Achievements
Looking out for some good qualities in yourself? Were you not able to find any? Does that make you hate yourself further? Why? Aren’t you a homosapien? Just like every person has some negative attributes, so does he have positive characteristics as well. It is good to criticize your self but then do not be over critical. Accept your flaws and try to come over them. As for your positives, just keep on bettering them and who knows you might be able to love yourself all the more.
Stop Regretting On Your Mistakes
So, you have committed a mistake? So what? It’s just a mistake. No one is going to beat or punish you to death. Making mistakes is natural to any human being. So stop beating or cursing yourself over and over again. Instead, sit down and analyze your mistakes. Take positive lessons from them and find out what different you can do next time to avoid these stupid and silly errors. Forget the past and plan the future.
Don’t Let Others Dominate You
Sad but true, often people treat you like a doormat simply because you allow them to do so. It’s your life and no one has the right to control or rule it, except you. So stop being too kind and generous when a friend constantly borrows money from you with no promises of repaying it back. Stand up and dump that guy who calls and looks up to you only for sex and nothing else. Remember, do not let anyone treat you badly because you deserve better than being only used or criticized.

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