There are certain indications by which you can come to know if a guy is not yet ready to commit. With this article, check out the ways on how to know if a guy is not ready for a relationship.

How To Know If A Guy Is Not Ready For A Relationship

Having a lovely time together, clinking wine glasses on wonderful dates, amazing sex, great conversations, we understand why you are completely smitten with this guy; he is nothing short of a dream-come-true. But is he going to become your worst nightmare soon? Have you seen any signs of commitment from his side yet or you have been too busy looking at him with love-struck eyes? If you are at a stage in your life where all you are looking for is good fun then do not worry about his intentions; but if you are expecting more from this relationship then be careful and try to assess your guy’s intentions. It is not okay to be dating a guy who does not want anything more than a good time, thinking that he will come around and be in a relationship with you. If you are in a situation like that, then brace yourself for a painful heartbreak. It is not a guy’s fault really if he is showing you the signs that he is not going to commit to you and be in a relationship with you, if you are not ready to see the signs. It is alright to fall head over heels for someone and fantasize having a relationship with him which would lead to a happy marriage and perhaps lots of beautiful children but to indulge in these fantasies so much that you start having unrealistic expectations, is self-destructive. You have to, one day, wake up and smell the coffee. To indulge with a guy who would not commit to you would seriously affect your self esteem, making you wonder if you are not good enough for him. To keep yourself away from such self doubting thoughts, you have to be more practical about the issue. If you feel like it has been a long time and your guy has not made a commitment yet then try to look for signs if he is just casually messing around with you. If you think that this is a nice guy then ask him face to face whether or not he would want to be in a serious relationship with you; if he tells you that he is not ‘that’ into you then walk away. You deserve better than a guy who has commitment issues, because the truth is that women think that with their love, care and attention they will make their guy fall in love with them but it never works. If someone is in love with you, he will never be able to resist the opportunity of being in a relationship with you. To save you a heartbreak and innumerable tears, we have put together some signs in this article to help you figure out if he is ready for a relationship or not.
How To Know If A Guy Is Not Ready For A Relationsh


Signs To Show That He Is Not Ready To Be In A Relationship 

Cancels On You
If he keeps cancelling on you and fakes on the plans you make then get the hint that he is not that into you. Meeting you only when it is convenient for him means that a date with you is not as special an occasion for him as it is for you. If he were ready to commit to you then he would have shown you by now that he is dependable and is very interested in you. A person who loves you and cares for you will do anything to make you feel happy and secure and most importantly would honor his commitments towards you. Does not matter if he is inexplicably busy, he will take out time for you from his busy schedule.
Does Not Call
If this guy tells you that he will call you by the end of your date, every time, and he does not then he surely is not ready to be in a relationship with you. This guy is not valuing your time and your emotional investment. You do not have to hang around waiting for his call, in fact call him up and tell him that you do not think it will work out. Liberate yourself from the kind of guy who cannot even respect his own word.
Keeps You Away From Family & Friends
If he loves you and wants to keep you in his life then he will make the move to introduce you formally to his friends and family. He will be dying to show you off to everyone in his life. But, if he is just casually dating you then he will very clearly demarcate his life from his intimate relationships and the time spent with you. If he keeps making excuses and never practically arranges for you to meet his friends then he does not take your presence in his life very seriously.
Throws His weight Around
If this guy have always acted like a catch and shows the symptoms of being a narcissistic, then there are more than a few chances that you come secondary in his life and he might never make you his priority. This inevitably means that he might never take you or your company seriously and will never start a serious relationship with you, because to be honest, this guy does not have time for anyone else but himself and he is too self absorbed to pull you into his life.
He Flirts Around
If you see him flirting around with other women while you are still with him then he clearly does not respect or value you. Do not ignore this behavior but in fact make a note of it. If he is already flirtatious by nature then he should understand that he makes you uncomfortable with his flirting with other women. If he respects you then he will stop or else he is just trying to show you that he wants to be in an open relationship.
You Are Not His Priority
If his focus is on other endeavors in his life then he might never come around to ask you to be with him in a serious relationship. It is true that career is important for everyone but the one who would value you will not make his career seem way more important than your feelings and time. Listen to your gut feeling, if you think your wishes are second to his own and everything else apart from you in his life is important for this person then it is time to bid him good bye and try and be with a person who will respect you.

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