Are you wondering how to install carpet on your stairs? If yes, then go through this article, to get handy tips and step-by-step directions for installing the carpet.

How To Install Carpet On Stairs

Did you know that you can give even your stairs a cozy look? Sounds good, doesn’t it!! Wooden stairs, though they add a rustic look to your house, are far from being safe. And, if you have small children playing around the house, chances of accidents and scraping run quite high. The carpet would not only add to the beauty and charm of your home, but would also protect the stairs, making them all-the-more safer and cozier. Installing carpet on the stairs can be done by following either the waterfall method or the cap and band method. While the former is easy to be done and requires no professional help, for the latter, you need to cut the exact size of every tread and riser and fix it to the stairs with an adhesive. In case you are wondering how to install carpet on stairs, this article would be of help. In the following lines, we have provided tips and directions for installing carpet on stairs, as per the waterfall method.
Installing Carpet On Stairs
Materials Required 
  • Tack Strips
  • Staples or Upholstery Nails
  • Measuring Tape
  • Knee Pads
  • Knee Kicker
  • Stair Tool
  • Utility Knife
  • Hammer
  • Safety Glasses 
  • In case you have an old carpet, get rid of the tack strips and old padding. Ensure that all the nails and staples are removed. Sweep down the area to be carpeted, making it clean.
  • Now, the first step before installation would be to measure the area. This would help you know how much material you would require.
  • Calculate the width of the carpet by measuring the tread, while the length can be measured by determining each riser and the thread of each step. Make sure you add three inches per step as well. In case the steps have nosing, add one foot to the total flight measurement.
  • Now, for installing the carpet, apply the tack strip to the stair crotch location, right where each side meets the wall. Attach them with a hammer and either nails or stapes.
  • Tuck the carpet along the step, making sure it fits. Attach the carpet to the staircase, sticking the edges of the carpet. Make sure at least some of it catches onto the tack strips.
  • Using a knee kicker, tighten the carpet. The knee kicker is a piece of metal tubing, with a pin plate attached to it. One of its ends has a padded cushion, wherein you can position your knee and apply pressure to the carpet.
  • At the time of attaching the tack strip, use the knee kicker to stretch the carpet straight from the center of the tread and hook it at the crotch. Once attached, all you need to do is firmly attach it, by sliding your carpet tool back and forth, to compress the pins.
  • The last step would be to trim the edges of the carpet, using a utility knife. This would give finesse to your carpet. Repeat this process on each side of the tread. 
  • At the time of stapling, make sure the carpet is smoothed out on the riser and then stapled to the stair lip.
  • Before going to the next tread, make sure that the previous one is completely smooth and evenly done. This would save you from the trouble of pulling the carpet off and re-installing it.

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